Revision history for Perl module Data::Remember

0.07 Sun Oct 14 0:38:17 2007
    * Added the forget_when() function for forgetting parts of a fact based upon
    * a predicate.
    * Expanded the tests in t/ to make sure the new forget_when()
    * function works as expected.
    * Fixed a dumb bug in t/02-pod-coverage.t left from when I copied the file
      from HTML::ParagraphSplit. Always make sure you check your files when you
      copy them!

0.06 Fri Oct 12 20:03:01 2007
    * Made brain_for() of Data::Remember::Hybrid a little more reliable.
    * Added t/06-hybrid-brain_for.t to establish brain_for()'s robustness.
    * Added t/20-yaml-dump.t to reveal a bug in the YAML brain's dump() method.
    * Improved t/20-yaml-load.t to test the YAML brain's load() method.
    * Fixed a bug in the YAML brain's dump() method that prevented it from
      dumping the brain back out to file properly.
    * Added the remember_these() function for remember a group of things on a
      single que.
    * Added the recall_and_update() function to allow a fact to be updated and
      recalled at the same time.
    * Added new tests to t/ to test for the success of
      remember_these() and recall_and_update().

0.05 Wed Oct 10 0:23:49 2007
    * Added brain_for() to Data::Remember::Hybrid.
    * Updated t/20-poe.t to include a test for forget().
    * Fixed Data::Remember::POE::forget() which was incorrectly calling the
      heap brain's recall() instead of forget().

0.04 Sat Oct 6 17:09:52 2007
    * Added t/load-test.yml as a test for YAML loading.
    * Added t/20-yaml-load.t in an attempt to reveal a bug I'm seeing in an
      application I'm writing elsewhere, but all tests passed.
    * Added t/20-hybrid-yaml-load.t and found the bug I was looking for.
    * Fixed a bug in Data::Remember::Hybrid where _best_brain() was not, in
      fact, returning the best brain, ever.

0.03 Sat Oct 6 10:30:02 2007
    * Refactored tests into a much nicer (and less noisy) setup.
    * Added a test for dependencies.
    * Added a test for POD errors.
    * Added a test for POD coverage problems.
    * Added the POE brain.
    * Fixed the dependencies in Makefile.PL.

0.02 Fri Oct 5 15:17:32 2007
    * Updating t/brains.t to precreate t/test.yml to prevent test failurs on
      some versions of YAML::Syck.

0.01 Mon Oct 1 16:00:55 2007
    * Initial release.
    * Data::Remember added as main interface module featuring remember(),
      recall(), forget(), and brain()
    * Data::Remember::Memory brain driver
    * Data::Remember::DBM brain driver using DBM::Deep
    * Data::Remember::YAML brain driver using YAML::Syck
    * Data::Remember::Hybrid brain driver for mixing drivers