0.991_004 2017-08-12 21:53:13-05:00 America/Chicago (TRIAL RELEASE)

    * Major: You can now view historical versions of documents, not just diffs.
    * Minor: The default template shows the revision being shown and the last
      modified date of the file at the bottom.
    * Bugfix: Correct hang on edit when comment is undefined.
    * Bugfix: Correct some menu bugs in the repository admin page.

0.991_003 2017-08-10 19:21:44-05:00 America/Chicago (TRIAL RELEASE)

    * Major: Exposed the management pages as a menu on the upper left if the
      user has at least the special read permissions required now. This is still
      an alpha feature and I have not yet provided any documentation on how to
      set this up.
    * Major: The app now has the ability to managing repository configuration.
    * Major: The app now has the ability to initialize empty git repositories.
    * Major: The app now has the ability to destroy the wiki git repositories
      (PERMANENTLY DELETING WIKI DATA). As this is very dangerous, taking this
      action requires four clicks to perform once you reach the repository admin
    * Minor: More unit tests. More integration tests.
    * Bugfix: The old 0.14* releases had added support for UTF-8. Recent trial
      releases using Template::Pure had broken this support. This should now be
      fixed again.

0.991_002 2017-08-03 23:07:46-05:00 America/Chicago (TRIAL RELEASE)

    * Minor: Added a new set of management screens for managing users in the
      application. Requires new special permissions and no menus to get to these
      screens are yet provided. VERY ALPHA.
    * Minor: Internal refactored to allow app-managed users and repository
    * Minor: A tiny bit more testing infrastructure.

0.991_001 2017-07-22 23:48:59-05:00 America/Chicago (TRIAL RELEASE)

    * Bugfix: Fixing various bugs with yukki-setup. Mostly, removed
      File::Copy::Recursive because it was flaking out in some cases.
    * Minor: Improved modern testing infrastructure.

0.990_002 2017-07-20 19:29:15-05:00 America/Chicago (TRIAL RELEASE)

    * Bugfix: Fix yukki-git-init, which was broke since a long time ago due to
      the create() method being deprecated in Git::Repository.

0.990_001 2017-07-20 13:41:13-05:00 America/Chicago (TRIAL RELEASE)

    * Minor: Using the correct number of digits in the V#.

0.99_01   2017-07-19 11:03:27-05:00 America/Chicago (TRIAL RELEASE)

    * Major: This is a significant update and refactor of internals, but doesn't
      really change anything regarding actual functionality. Mostly, it was a
      little broken due to a lack of maintenance.
    * Major: Now requires Perl v5.24.
    * Major: Templates are now rendered using Template::Pure rather than
      Template::Sematic. This is a better maintained templating system that adds
      an additional abstraction layer, which is very helpful. Templates are
      unchanged, though.
    * Major: Completely refactored to use Moo and Types::Tiny instead of Moose
      and Path::Tiny instead of Path::Class. I'm trying to get rid of all the
      silly extra CPAN requirements it had before, but didn't really need.
    * Major: Updated to jQuery 3.2.1, jQuery UI 1.12.1, and plupload 2.3.1.
    * Minor: Better UTF-8 support.
    * Minor: Removed "Fork on Github" banners.
    * Minor: Some testing infrastructure updated to explicitly use Test2::V0

0.140290  2014-01-29 08:28:15 America/Chicago

    * Bugfix: Path::Router found a bug. I was validating a :page at one point,
      but needed to be validating a :file. Fixed.
    * Bugfix: [rt.cpan.org #90688] Correct problems related to changes to the
      syntax of enums in new versions of Moose. Thanks to Upasana Shukla and
      Zoffix Znet.
    * Bugfix: [rt.cpan.org #90921] Correct problems related to the deprecation
      of Class::MOP::load_class. Now using Class::Load::load_class. Thanks to
      Upasana Shukla and Zoffix Znet.

0.132160  2013-08-03 21:01:25 America/Chicago

    * Bugfix: Test failure because of a naughty semi-colon.

0.121790  2012-06-26 21:29:22 America/Chicago

    * Bugfix: The spreadsheet plugin could get stuck in a loop if a variable in
      a page referred to itself. This problem has been corrected.
    * Bugfix: Entering a non-existent user resulted in an ugly YAML error.
      (Patched by Michael Aquilina)
    * Bugfix: Entering a non-existent user resulted in a double error message. 
      (Patched by Michael Aquilina)

0.121700  2012-06-17 23:43:56 America/Chicago

    * Bugfix: Corrected the "Fork me on Github" banner, which was showing a
      broken image link.
    * Bugfix: # Titles containing colons no longer confuse the Yukki page
      viewer. These should display properly now.
    * Bugfix: The git-version.t test runs without requiring a git repository
      now. (HT: Michael Aquilina)
    * Slides show a smaller font for lists and syntax highlighted code, which
      works better on smaller screens.
    * Adds a new "plain" view that provides the HTML with only a DIV wrapping
      it, which is handy for embedding into another page.
    * Upgrade to Plupload v1.5.4
    * Upgrade to jQuery 1.7.2 and jQuery UI 1.8.21
    * Now requires Git::Repository v1.18
    * Now requires Cache::FastMmap. This is not a strict requirement, but if you
      use the default configuration, you will need it. Added to make quick setup

0.112770  2011-10-04 14:28:52 America/Chicago

    * Bugfix: The diff viewer was broken and has been for a couple versions and
      I didn't notice. This is fixed.
    * Bugfix: If you have a version of git before 1.7.2, you will get a warning
      in the tests and a special error message telling that diffs can't work
      without an upgrade.
    * Bugfix: A few visual issues have been cleaned up, particularly in the
      Slides view.
    * The Slides view will use any ID attributes set on a slide element to
      update the page's hash tag, which allows for direct linking to a slide.
    * The Slides vcentered class works with pure CSS (though, only with modern
      browsers that support some version of the translate style).
    * A new SyntaxHighlight plugin is available for syntax highlighting in the

0.111830  2011-07-02 15:53:44 America/Chicago
    * Bugfix: Upload buttons were still submits. Fixed again.
    * Bugfix: New names were not properly validated during renaming.
    * Bugfix: Removed a Dumper statement that was left in by mistake.
    * Bugfix: Show the rename link for attachments that have formats..
    * Adding page and attachment removal actions.
    * A few enhancements to style, particularly for slide notes.
    * Small refactoring of Yukki::Web::Controller.

0.111720  2011-06-20 22:18:01 America/Chicago

    * Bugfix: Certain errors that fellback to Plack's error handling are now
      handled correctly within Yukki now.
    * Bugfix: Hitting enter in the comment box on the page edit screen now
      causes a Save, rather than opening the Choose Files list on browsers that
      do not support drag-and-drop uploads.
    * Added a Rename function so that pages and attachments may be renamed.
    * The navigation menu is now split up into 3 different menus (repository,
    * page, and user), which are much easier to use.
    * Repositories are now listed in a specific order that can be set inside the
      configuration file.
    * Added a copyright notice for the software.
    * "Yukki" does not appear quite so prominently anymore.

0.111660  2011-06-14 20:50:32 America/Chicago

    * Now uses jQuery events for periodic actions.
    * Moved the title on the edit template to a better location.
    * The edit preview now shows the part of the preview that is currently being
      edited when it refreshes.
    * Adding support for making slide presentations from Yukki documents.
    * In the process of adding slide support, added a way to add other similar
      kinds of views by creating a template and modifying the configuration
    * MultiMarkdown metadata is no longer shown at the top of the rendered HTML

0.111280  2011-05-07 20:45:11 America/Chicago

    * Bugfix: Fixing a few more places that were not being rebased on the base
      URL, particularly in redirects and JavaScript.
    * Bugfix: The dropzone was showing even when drag-and-drop was unavailabel
      for file upload.
    * Upgraded Plupload to
    * Now showing a file list on blank pages.
    * App errors now look like part of the app instead of being ugly plaintext.

0.111160  2011-04-25 22:11:07 America/Chicago

    * Bugfix: There was a random "HERE" warning that was being output that
      should never made it to release.
    * Added the spreadsheet functionality to the wiki
    * Yukkitext, attachments, and spreadsheet features now use the new plugins
      system. Only the yukkitext and attachments plugins are on by default.
    * The yukki-setup script shows the remote setup URL for the yukki repository
    * The base URL for the web site is more configurable. The scripts and styles
      should not longer be specified in the configuration file using absolute
      paths starting with a slash (unless you want them to be absolute and not
      biased by the base URL of the yukki site).

0.111060  2011-04-15 21:27:56 America/Chicago

    * Bugfix: Corrected a problem with the navigation menu on edit pages
    * There is now a "scripts" and "styles" section for listing JavaScript and
      CSS files (respectively) for inclusion in the shell template. If not
      present, a default list is provided. (See the man page for
      Yukki::Web::Settings for details.)
    * The yukki-setup script does a better job validating parameters.
    * Made some small style adjustments
    * Added more tests, particularly tests for setting up a new Yukki

0.110900  2011-03-31 17:31:42 America/Chicago

    * Added a diff viewer, which will show a diff for any selected pair of
      revisions from the hsitory page. This differ is naive and makes some
      uglifying mistakes that still need to be addressed.
    * Added a history viewer, which will show all the revisions for a page.
    * Added more tests

0.110880  2011-03-28 22:07:48 America/Chicago
    * Bugfix: Links sometimes treated whitespace incorrectly
    * Bugfix: Escaping links did not work in some cases
    * Up until now passwords were stored in plain text. They will no be stored
      as a salted hash using the digest configured in the digest directory (or
      SHA-512 if not given). If someone out there has been trying this out, you
      MUST run yukki-passwd for every user to hash the passwords.
    * Added the yukki-passwd script to help with password changes.
    * Added the first few unit tests.
    * The configuration file is now checked for correctness when it is loaded.

0.110850  2011-03-25 23:24:42 America/Chicago

    * The repository is now the left-most breadcrumb item
    * Directories will no longer be listed in attachment lists.
    * URIs and links are better escaped and handle a wider variety of formats
      and characters
    * Links to pages that have not be created now show in red
    * Better finding and handling of file name and file type.
    * Breadcurmb and other automatic titles will not include the file suffix in
      the title any longer (i.e., .yukki does not show so often)
    * Various styling and layout fixes

0.110840  2011-03-25 00:33:26 America/Chicago

    * Improved links and the hierarchical arrangement of files in the
        * You can put links in a sub-topic via ./Foo
        * You can put links in a absolute path via /Foo
        * Better labels for links, especially links to different parts of the
          file tree
    * Better formatting for pre and blockquote
    * Sessions now persist across restarts via CHI and FastMmap caching.
    * Added a breadcrumb to the shell template

0.110830  2011-03-23 23:45:57 America/Chicago

    * First release of Yukki to CPAN
    * You can login and has support for groups and ACLs
    * Anonymous users may edit or not depending on the reposotiry configuration
    * Support for yukkitext with yukkilinks and attachment URLs
    * You can upload attachments with drag and drop