Revision history for XML::Genx.

0.19  Sun Oct 16 22:47:27 BST 2005
        - Allow namespace objects to be passed in to
          StartElementLiteral() and AddAttributeLiteral().  This makes
          it much easier to put things into the default namespace.
        - Add a missing "static" declaration to some XS helper
        - Allow multiple different default namespaces inside
          XML::Genx::SAXWriter.  Previously you would get a "Duplicate
          Prefix" error.
        - Make the tests work in perl 5.6.1.  Not sure when I broke

0.18  Mon Oct  3 22:56:09 BST 2005
        - Add test for astral characters.
        - Test non-xml characters.

0.17  Fri Sep  2 20:34:46 BST 2005
        - Correct MANIFEST.
        - Add POD coverage tests.  And POD to XML::Genx::SAXWriter to
          satisfy them.
        - Fix a bug whereby an uninitialized status code would be used
          if you attempted to register the same element / namespace /
          attribute twice.

0.16  Wed Aug 31 20:55:45 BST 2005
        - Add POD checking test.

0.15  Sun Jul 31 00:57:05 BST 2005
        - Obfuscate my email address in an attempt to curtail spam.

0.14  Wed Mar 16 22:12:34 GMT 2005
        - Correctly test for undef values.
        - Implement XML::Genx::SAXWriter, to enable genx to be used at
          the end of a SAX chain.

0.13  Wed Mar  2 09:52:44 GMT 2005
        - [INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE] Return genx's status directly instead of
          storing it after the last error.  Now it can only be relied
          upon until the next method call.
        - Ensure that Namespace, Element and Attribute objects report
          their errors correctly.
        - Warn about unknown build status under Win32.

0.12  Tue Mar  1 20:53:18 GMT 2005
        - [INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE] Get rid of the dual valued scalar
          exception idea.  The way it was implemented meant that you
          didn't get the line number information about where the exception
          actually happened.  Instead, add a LastErrorCode() call.
        - Allude to Win32 compiler problems in README.
        - Remove some compiler warnings.
        - Cope with either a glob or a reference to a glob in

0.11  Sat Feb 19 18:17:12 GMT 2005
        - Add ScrubText() wrapping.  Thanks to A. Pagaltzis for
          requesting this feature.
        - Internal reorganisation to avoid global variables.

0.10  Thu Feb 17 20:40:03 GMT 2005
        - Add a small benchmark.
        - Implement StartDocString() for the common case of outputting
          to a string.  Thanks to A. Pagaltzis for suggesting this.

0.09  Tue Dec 14 22:51:25 GMT 2004
        - Ensure that we take a reference to the filehandle being
          passed in to StartDocFile() so that it doesn't get closed
          behind our backs.

0.08  Sat Dec  4 22:52:56 GMT 2004
        - Implement XML::Genx::Constants.
        - Make the thrown exceptionn be a dual valued scalar.
        - Cleanup declared attributes in XML::Genx::Simple.

0.07  Sat Dec  4 19:19:59 GMT 2004
        - Add XML::Genx::Simple.
        - Make Declare*() die as well.
        - Make the sub-objects die correctly as well.

0.06  Fri Dec  3 14:10:35 GMT 2004
        - On Windows, require the next version of Module::Build, which
          has a bug fix that we need in it.  Unfortunately, that means
          that we won't be available on Windows until that's released.
        - Make a missing or undef prefix argument mean auto-create a
          prefix instead.
        - Add missing AddNamespace() on to namespace object.

0.05  Thu Dec  2 01:13:22 GMT 2004
        - Fix the tests on systems where we get back a filehandle with
          an invalid file descriptor instead of NULL from the T_STDIO input

0.04  Tue Nov 30 23:14:44 GMT 2004
        - Added example directory, and small demo script.
        - Make namespace optional on Declare{Element,Attribute}().
        - Fix up the docs to mention AddAttributeLiteral().
        - Make the namespace parameter in StartElementLiteral()
          optional.  Ditto for AddAttributeLiteral().

0.03  Tue Nov 30 13:44:28 GMT 2004
        - Everything now dies by default instead of returning a status

0.02  Tue Nov 30 08:49:13 GMT 2004
        - Added StartDocSender(), so you don't always have to output
          to a filehandle.
        - Fixed compilation warnings about "cast to pointer from
          integer of different size".

0.01  Sat Nov 27 09:03:47 GMT 2004
        - Original version.