Revision history for Business-CCProcessor

0.06  Fri Feb  2 12:11:25 2007
	Added test suite's prerequisites 
	to Build.PL and Makefil.PL

0.05  Thu Feb 1 16:57:46 2007
	Added documentation on how to configure verisign to
	avoid invalid referral url errors, plus removed some
	private data from test suite.

0.04  Sun Jan 28 04:01:01 2007
	I've now added a ->button_factory() method, to generate
	html web forms, based on the data returned by the
	methods which munge data into the proper format for
	the credit card processors.

0.03  Sat Jan 27 23:55:34 2007
	Up to 55 working tests now, although still skipping
	four of them.  Running out of bugs to squash.

0.02  Sat Jan 27 14:07:29 2007
	This has its basic three methods roughed out and
	testing successfully.  The perldoc has been fleshed
	out to reflect the current state of development.
	The test suite runs successfully with 47 tests from
	five test scripts.

0.01  Fri Jan 26 13:58:50 2007
	Initial release.