Revision history for Config-Simple-Extended

0.10    Fri Jan 11 00:09:39 EST 2013
        Now uses ->param(), ->vars() and ->get_block() methods 
        for overloading, rather than addressing internal data 
        structure directly.  This is intended to make this 
        module less fragile to changes in inherited Config::Simple.  
        Now also uses File::PathInfo to provide an absolute path 
        and interacts with config files using an absolute path.  
        Also accepts a debug key on the interface, using that to be 
        informative about what it is up to.

0.09    Unknown

0.08 	Thu Oct 23 01:45:25 EDT 2008
	Updates t/10-inherit.t coreccting references to 
	the ::Inherit module.

0.07 	Tue Oct 21 01:49:46 EDT 2008
	Restored missing test script from ::Inherit

0.06	Fri Aug 8 03:19:32 EDT 2008
	Reborn as Config::Simple::Extended
	with new ->parse_url_for_config_path() method.
	six additional working tests at:

0.05	Fri Aug 8 03:19:32 EDT 2008
	Retiring Config::Simple::Inherit

0.04 	Thu Jun 5 15:11:12 EDT 2008
	Remove request that UNIVERSAL export VERSION
	to address test reports of failure 
	from CPAN testers.

0.03	Wed Jun 4 21:16:35 EDT 2008
	I've now integrated this with an application 
	under development and added an EXAMPLES section 
	to the perldoc documenting what I've learned 
	about how to use the ->inherit() method.
	Appears to be working just fine.

0.02 	Wed Jun 4 04:39:15 EDT 2008
	Add test config files to MANIFEST

0.01    Wed Jun 4 03:21:30 EDT 2008 
	->inherit() method seems to work
	and has 13 working tests at t/10-inherit.t
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.