Revision history for AWS::CLIWrapper

1.01  2013-12-04
        - Support 3 or more parameters for s3
          eg: s3 sync from to

1.00  2013-09-06
        - Officially AWS::CLIWrapper supports awscli/1.0.0
        - There are several incompatible changes in between old and
          new awscli. AWS::CLIWrapper supports scripts written for old
          awscli syntax as much as possible. Don't blame me... :p
        - awscli >= 0.14.0 requires upper-case parameters "Key",
          "Values", "Value", "Name" in such --filter. But < 1.14.0
          requires lower-case parameters "key", "values", "value",
         "name". So AWS::CLIWrapper converts upper/lower-case by
         version of awscli.
        - awscli >= 0.14.0 requires --count pramter in ec2
          run-instances, but < 0.14.0 requires --min-count and
          --max-count. So AWS::CLIWrapper converts these parameters by
          version of awscli
        - awscli >= 0.15.0 changed "s3" to "s3api" and "s3" became
          another command... So AWS::CLIWrapper calls "s3api"
          internally instead of "s3" if awscli >= 0.15.0 and
          subcommand seems to old "s3"'s one(--list-buckets,
          --put-object and so on), and calls "s3" instead of "s3api"
          if awscli < 0.15.0.
        - I gave up to work around incompatible changes in type of
          returned data structure. For example, awscli 1.0.0
          "elb describe-load-balancers" returns hash, on the other
          hand, awscli 0.9.3 returns list. Please upgrade awscli

0.09  2013-09-02
  * Update document on nofork and timeout (thanks @mschrader)
  * Add some methods for aws-cli/0.16.0

0.08  2013-07-05
  * Potential 'nofork' option to allow calling IPC::Cmd::run vs. run_forked (issue #1, thanks @mschrader)

0.07  2013-06-19
  * Add "output_file" key name of parameter for aws s3 get-object
  * Enable to specify timeout before aborting "aws" command

0.06  2013-06-12
  * Add some methods for aws-cli/0.12.0
  * Fix died when failed to parse result as JSON (aws s3)

0.05  2013-05-01
  * Add some methods for latest awscli (0.9.2)

0.04  2013-04-30
  * Adjust $Error for incompatible changes of aws-cli/botocore

0.03  2013-03-11
  * Add $AWS::CLIWrapper::true and $AWS::CLIWrapper::false for boolean parameter

0.02  2013-01-24
  * Support parameter: structure in list

0.01  2013-01-21
  * Initial version