Revision history for Catalyst-Manual

5.8004 17 Feb 2010
    - Tutorial:
        - Add foreign key support for SQLite 
            (huge thanks to Caelum for that and other good edits!)
        - Add "Quick Start" to Intro (Chapter 1)
        - Switch to use of "-r" to auto-restart the dev svr
        - Update for latest available Debian package versions
        - Switch to individual files for example code vs. tarballs
        - Switch to 'done_testing' and shorter 'prove' args for testing chapter
        - Misc typo fixes
    - Other:
        - Minor Cookbook edits

5.8003 28 Dec 2009
    - Variety of typo fixes
    - Fix incorrectness re :Global and :Local
    - Update DevelopmentProcess.pod

5.8002 15 Nov 2009
    - Update tutorial to match latest prepacked versions in Debian 5
    - Add FormHandler branch (with thanks to gshank!)
    - Misc cleanup/freshing up of tutorial.
    - Fix indenting issue (with thanks to Kiffin Gish)
    - Integrate tome fix branch (with thanks to tome!)
    - Add a "negative" test to confirm that test02 does not have an admin create link
    - Integrate sqlite3 clarification and link by wolfman2000 from tutorial_role_updates branch
    - Fix Pod typos in ::Internals (RT#51488)
    - Fix Pod typos in the Cookbook (RT#51466)
    - Fix a Test::Pod failure and make Debian happier.
    - Typo fixes from garu
    - Misc minor and/or typo fixes

5.8001 06 Oct 2009
    - Tutorial
        - Fix RT #46760
        - Fix RT #46618
        - Fix cat-install script URL
        - Fix typos
        - Replace reference to deprecated CatalystX::ListFramework::Builder
          with Catalyst::Plugin::AutoCRUD
    - Other
        - Lots of updates thanks to t0m
        - Update development process / core team docs
        - Cookbook fixes WRT authorization
        - Better description of application setup process
        - Fix some links
        - Normalise spacing

5.8000 27 May 2009
    - Tutorial:
        - Update for Catalyst 5.80
        - Update to "depluralize" the database names (big thanks to Kiffin Gish!)
        - Switch back to including numbers in chapter names (for proper sorting)
        - Add section to Ch 4: "Moving Complicated View Code to the Model"
        - Add section to Ch 3: "RenderView's 'dump_info' Feature"
        - Misc fixes and updates (thanks to Anne Wainwright)
    - Other:
        - Add some 5.8 and Moose-specific material to the new CatalystAndMoose.pod
            (thanks to t0m and Sebastian Willert)

5.7021  8 May 2009
    - Tutorial:
        - Switch to SimpleDB for auth
        - Switch to use of DBIx::Class::EncodedColumn for hashed & salted passwords
        - Re-write PostgreSQL section in appendix
        - Remove "create=dynamic" and only cover "create=static" for DBIC helper
    - Other:
        - Rewrite / clean up a big chunk of Catalyst::Manual::Intro (Ian Wells)
        - There is no Catalyst::Config, fix reference to it. (t0m)
        - Misc minor adjustments

5.7020  12 Mar 2009
    - Tutorial:
        - Fix errors in FormFu chapter

5.7019  11 Mar 2009
    - Tutorial:
        - Change from the use of "part" to refer to each .pod file for the
            tutorial in favor of the more intuitive word "chapter."  "Part" 
            was just to ambiguous (e.g., does "prior part" refer to the prior 
            .pod file or the prior section in the current .pod file).
        - Move use of "load_namespaces" for DBIC from BasicCRUD to 
        - Update the "Table of Contents" in Tutorial.pod to match the current
        - Fix a few typos

5.7018  8 Mar 2009
    - Tutorial:
        - Add a new section to BasicCRUD covering more advanced features of 
        - Convert from Ubuntu to Debian 5 live CD as the recommended way to do
            the tutorial (all code and examples updated and tested to match)
        - Removed Catalyst::Plugin::Authorization::ACL from Authorization.pod
            in favor of a "chained and model-based" approach
        - More conversion to Chained dispatch
        - Suggestions and fixes with thanks to
        - DBIC-related updates in MoreCatalystBasics
        - Fix misplaced "=over 4" in previous release
        - Reword warning about not using GET for delete based on input from kd
        - Lots of other small adjustments

5.7017  28 Feb 2009
    - Tutorial:
        - Main change = adding Chained dispatch starting in BasicCRUD (Part 4)
        - Change FormFu tutorial to not use deprecated methods (Del Merritt)
        - MoreCatalystBasics - Additional clarification about TTSite
          (Del Merritt)
        - Tutorial::Authorization - Corrects the ACL for "/books/delete"
                                  - Additional comments 
          (Del Merritt)
        - Tutorial::AdvancedCRUD::FormFu - suggest how the intrepid user 
          might now proceed, having completed the Tutorial. (Del Merritt)
        - Fix typo in Authorization section (RT #42091)
        - Fix typo in BasicCRUD (RT #42034)
        - Resolve outstanding typo and suggestions in MoreCatalystBasics (RT #41491)
        - Fix DBIC create for MySQL in Appendix (Jarom)
    - Other:
        - Misc minor updates
        - Add some "getting started" links to the Catalyst::Manual page

5.7016  28 Dec 2008
    - Tutorial:
        - Updates to make Parts 8 & 9 run correctly
        - Adjust URLs for final config tarballs
        - Add note about changes across different C::Devel on how plugins enabled
        - Misc minor updates

5.7015  15 Dec 2008
    - Tutorial:
        - Remove TTSite from Tutorial (thanks to dhoss for the help)
        - Update Tutorial for Ubuntu 8.10 (therefore update to 
          Cat v5.7014, C::Devel v1.07, DBIC v0.08010, etc.)
        - Reorganize MoreCatalystBasics.pod so user is able to run 
          the app the first time much earlier and build on it from 
          there (running the app each time along the way)
        - Update URL for latest copy in SVN to match new location of repo
    - Other:
        - Misc typo fix
        - Change use of Class::C3 to MRO::Compat, as rafl tells me
            this is best practice, and gives you native next::method in 
            5.10. (t0m)

5.7014   04 Nov 2008
    - Remove a reference to a FOREACH loop that did not exist (RT #39046)
    - Changed some Template Toolkit links to perldoc links (RT #38354)
    - Fix Template Toolkit website link (RT #37574)
    - Fix part numbering (RT #37963)
    - Improvements to the ACCEPT_CONTEXT docs in Manual::Intro
    - Happy Election Day, America!

5.7013   09 Jul 2008
    - revert to use Catalyst qw/@plugins/ style

5.7012   29 May 2008
    - Expurgation of all use of default :Private and index :Private in favour
      of default :Path and index :Path :Args(0)
    - Expurgation of all yaml as configuration format
    - Major updates to tutorial, thanks hkclark and gerda 

5.7011   16 May 2008 
    - added warnings and poiinters to newer examples in HTML::Widget,
      and Authentication parts of the tutorial.
    - pod fix (RT #32636)

5.701004 09 Apr 2008
    - rename placeholder back to, this will probably trigger
      a ppm bug but that's ppm's problem

5.701003 08 Oct 2007
    - Patch to Cookbook from bits.

5.701002 25 Aug 2007

5.701001 17 Aug 2007
    - Changes to mocation of lib/Catalyst/Manual.pod to 
      lib/Catalyst/ to keep cpan indexer happy.

5.700704 08 Aug 2007
    - Updated mailing list addresses to domains

    - Cookbook: Updated development server deployment instructions, and 
      included a better description of the POE engine.

5.700702 26 April 2007
    - Switch to Module::Install

5.700701 19 April 2007
    - Removal of WritingPlugins. ExtendingCatalyst is now the main resource
      for extensions to the framework and the application.

5.700501 10 November 2006
    - Matches Catalyst-Runtime 5.7005

5.700401 07 November 2006
    - First release to CPAN; matches Catalyst-Runtime 5.7004.

5.700301 20 October 2006
    - Splitting manual into its own distro