Revision history for Template::Flute

0.0005  Fri Apr  1 17:35:30 2011 CEST


    * Accept full parameter in Template::Flute::Utils::derive_filename function.
      This is useful to resolve relative paths, e.g for images in a HTML document.
      Also add test for this function.


    * Fix tests to handle missing Config::Scoped module gracefully.

0.0004  Thu Mar 31 21:21:59 2011 CEST


    * Resolve iterator name to object for lists.
    * Add process_template method to Template::Flute class.
    * Add Template::Flute::Iterator::JSON class.
	* Apply replacement to src attribute instead of tag body for HTML <img> tags.
    * Add iterators method to Template::Flute::HTML class.


    * Fix MANIFEST and remove unused dist.ini file.


    * Add "See also", fix Synopsis and constructor documentation
      for Template::Flute::Iterator class.

0.0003  Tue Mar 29 15:52:11 2011 CEST

    * Add auto_iterators parameter to Template::Flute class.
    * Add seed method to Template::Flute::Iterator class.
    * Add hook operation to value elements.
    * Add specification method to Template::Flute class.


    * Add documentation about value elements to Template::Flute's POD.
    * Fix wrong POD headers for some methods in Template::Flute::List class.
    * Fixed wrong module name Template::Zoom in Workflow POD section.
      Thanks to Terrence Brannon for the report.
    * Fix duplicate "METHODS" POD header in Template::Flute::List class.

0.0002  Mon Mar 14 08:39:23 2011 CET

	* Add missing modules Template::Flute::Utils and 
      Template::Flute::Container to MANIFEST.

0.0001  Sun Mar 13 15:40:50 2011 CET

    * Initial release.