Revision history for MariaDB-NonBlocking

0.13    2017-10-24
        * Prevent cyclic reference keeping connections alive
          when all other refs were gone.

0.12    2017-10-24
        * Pakket.json specfile

0.11    2017-10-19
        * Respect INSTALL_BASE
        * Options to Makefile.PL for the default database
          to test in.
        * Test files!
        * Further streamlined the API
        * Fixed several bugs related to error conditions
        * Report the rows affected on update/create
          and probably delete.

0.10    2017-10-13
        * cast values so that mysql ints actually show
          up as Perl IVs

0.09    2017-10-13
        * Look for headers/libraries in MariaDB-specific
          paths before going for the more generic ones.

0.08    2017-10-12
        * Added a plain eventloop implementation, and
          then reimplemented the promises version as a
          thin wrapper of that.
        * Simplified the API; now there are only three
          methods (connect, run_query, ping) which are
          called on connections, rather than class
          methods that got called on pools of connections.

0.07    2017-09-13
        * DESTROY() will now reject all pending promises.
        * AnyEvent::detect() will be called before the first
          query, assuming nothing else called it first.

0.06    2017-09-06
        * Work with AnyEvent, and utilize less watchers if
          we can -- mostly if we are using EV.

0.05    2017-08-31
        * want_hashrefs was returning read-only undefs

0.04    2017-07-31
        * Copy the query string more aggressively, driver will not copy it.

0.03    2017-07-31
        * Leftover debugging statement

0.02    2017-07-31
        * ->run_query_start() can now take query params
        * ->run_query_start() may optionally return an arrayref of hashrefs

0.01    Date/time
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.