Revision history for Perl extension HTTP::WebTest.

 1.04  Mon Jul 16 2001

   * Added PREREQ_PM entry into Makefile.PL.  (Thanks Britton
     <> for suggesting this.)

   * Fixed bug: test parameters accept_cookies and send_cookies did not
     affected transmission and receipt of cookies at all.

 1.03  Wed Jul  4 2001

   * First release by new maintainer.

   * Fixed bug with passing form params with POST requests.

 1.02  Tue Jun 26 2001

     Anderson <> TO Ilya Martynov
     TO Ilya Martynov.  So long, and thanks for all the fish.

   * Change succeed/fail count so that a successful fetch of a 
     page counts as a successful test.  (An unsuccessful fetch
     still counts as a failed test.)

   * Removed extraneous call to extract_cookies from get_response.

 1.01  Wed Jun 14 2001

   * Modified cookies parameter to allow less than 10 elements.  
     (Thanks to Thomas Ayles <> for suggesting

   * Fixed bug that caused get_response() to fail to capture all 
     cookies returned by the webserver during redirects.  Added
     subclass HTTP::WebTest::Cookies (a modified HTTP::Cookies
     class).  (Thanks to Ilya Martynov <> for
     this fix.)

   * Modified web server response time measurement to be more 

   * Exported run_web_test method so it can be called directly.

 1.00  Wed Jun 06 2001

   * Added max_rtime and min_rtime parameters to test web server 
     response time.  The perl module Time::HiRes is now a
     prerequisite to install HTTP::WebTest.  (This code was
     a collaborative effort by the author and Michael Blakeley 

   * Added pauth parameter for proxy authorization.  (This code 
     was a collaborative effort by the author and Darren Fulton 

   * Changed max_bytes and min_bytes paramters from test block 
     parameters to global and/or test block parameters.

   * Made format of output report more robust for max_bytes and 
     min_bytes parameters.

 0.30  Mon Mar 05 2001

   * Fixed ./t/*.t files so that "make test" runs correctly on 
     Solaris.  (Replaced export WEBTEST_LIB= with WEBTEST_LIB= ; 
     export WEBTEST_LIB.)  (Thanks to M. Simon Cavalletto 
     <> for reporting this bug.)

   * Improved clarity of documentation and program output.

 0.20  Mon Feb 26 2001

   * Fixed bug that caused module to abort when a HTTP-Redirect 
     (302) is sent back with a relative URL.  Thanks to Andre 
     Machowiak <> for this fix.

   * Set Content-type to 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' 
     for POST.  Thanks to Andre Machowiak <> for
     this fix.

   * Modified Makefile.PL to get path of perl using the which 
     command and create the wt script with this path in the 
     she-bang line (#!).  (Thanks to Britton <>
     for reporting this bug.)

   * Modified "make test" tests to write output to files in the 
     t subdirectory.

 0.01  Sat Dec  9 10:14:53 2000
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19
        First release to CPAN by Richard Anderson