$Id: Changes,v 1.64 2002/12/14 17:31:11 m_ilya Exp $

Revision history for Perl module HTTP::WebTest.

2.00 Sat Dec 14 2002


* Allow plugins to insert tests into the test queue during test
sequence runtime.  Inspired by Paul Hamingson's patch.

* New core test parameter 'relative_urls' which enables HTTP-WebTest
to use relative URLs in tests.

* New core test parameter 'timeout' which allows to control user agent
timeout settings while running test sequence.

* Moved self-test suite support code into module
HTTP::WebTest::SelfTest to allow reusing it in self-test suites for
plugins maintained outside of HTTP-WebTest.


* HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::Apache plugin have been removed from
HTTP::WebTest and will be released as independent CPAN module.  It
will no longer be loaded by default even if it is available.

* Renamed all last_xxx methods to current_xxx since the latest naming
schema is less confusing.

* HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::HarnessReport is rewritten using
Test::Builder. As side effect now you can freely intermix
HTTP::WebTest based tests with tests written using other testing
libraries like Test::More or Test::Differences. Unfortunately this
change breaks existing test scripts which were using
HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::HarnessReport because now number of tests in
test scripts should be declared explictly with 'use Test::More plan =>
NN' or 'use Test::More qw(no_plan)'.


* Fixed some minor documentation bugs.  Thanks to William McKee.

* Allow to use $webtest->last_xxx method calls after running test
sequence with $webtest->run_tests.  Thanks to Kevin Baker for patch.

1.99_09 Thu Aug 22 2002


* New core test parameter 'status_code' which allows to test HTTP
responses for non-OK (200) status codes.  Thanks to Paul Hamingson for

* New core test parameter 'handle_redirects' which allows to disable
optionally automatic handling of redirects by HTTP-WebTest.

* New test parameter 'form_name' in HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::Click
plugin.  Thanks to Paul Hamingson for patch.

* Test parameter 'click_button' in HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::Click plugin
now supports image buttons (i.e. <input type="image" ...>).  Thanks to
Paul Hamingson for patch.

* Added two test parameters 'on_start' and 'on_finish' to
HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::Hook plugin.

* Extended example 'User-Defined Tests' in Cookbook.  Suggested by
William McKee.


* Previously comments inside of list parameters in wtscript files were
not allowed.  Reported by William McKee.

* Fixed 'make test' failure on Perl 5.8.0.

1.99_08 Wed Jul 31 2002


* New plugin HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::Delay by Duncan Cameron.

* License change: previously HTTP-WebTest have been licensed under
terms of Artistic license.  Starting from this release HTTP-WebTest is
dual licensed under terms of GPL/Artistic licenses like Perl itself.

* Docs are edited for style and grammar.  Thanks to Richard Anderson.

* Parser of wtscript files supports nested lists as values for list

* 'cookies' parameter supports new named style of cookie
specifications.  See HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::Cookies for details.

* File upload tests are supported now.


* HTTP-WebTest now uses HTTP::WebTest::Request instead of
HTTP::Request.  It is inherited from HTTP::Request and supports notion
of query parameters.  This change simplifies writting plugins than may
need to set or change query parameters.  However existing plugins
which set query parameters using HTTP::Request's methods 'content' and
'uri' are likely to be broken by this change.  If you use such plugins
then change them to use HTTP::WebTest::Request's method 'params'.


* Parameter 'cookie' is deprecated. Use 'cookies' intead of it.

* Old style of cookie specifications with 'cookies' parameter is


* HTTP-WebTest's default report plugin doesn't outputs cookies,
headers and web page itself when any of 'show_xxx' parameters are on
but such output is prohibited by test parameter 'terse'.  Reported by
William McKee.

* Put Algorithm::Diff back into PREREQ_PM in Makefile.PL.  It fixes
problems with automated testing of HTTP-WebTest by CPAN and CPANPLUS.

1.99_07 Sun Jun 16 2002


* Non-core test parameters are included in POD documentation in

* Added Bundle::HTTP::WebTest file which has list of all dependanices
including optional.

* $webtest->run_wtscript accepts wtscript passed as string.

* Parser for wtscript files is rewritten.  It doesn't use
Parse::RecDescent anymore.  New parser is faster and provides better
error diagnostics for parse errors.


* Changed syntax of wtscript files.  Parser of wtscript files expands
Perl variables in double quoted strings.

1.99_06 Sun May 12 2002


* New core test parameter 'http_headers'.  Allows to add additional
HTTP headers to HTTP request or to override default HTTP headers in
HTTP request.  Thanks to Duncan Cameron for patch.

* New plugin HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::Click.  This plugin allows to use
names of links and button on HTML pages to build test requests.


* Set Content-type to 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' for POST.
Fixed for second time.  Apparently code to do this was lost during
HTTP-WebTest rewrite.  Thanks to Duncan Cameron for patch.

1.99_05 Mon Apr  8 2002


* Fixed bug in HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::check_list.  It affected test
parameter 'mail_addresses'.  Thanks to Duncan Cameron for patch.

* Fixed bug in HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::HarnessReport.  This report
plugin printed 'ok' even for failed tests.  Thanks to Martin Langhoff
for patch.

* Updated email address of Richard Anderson in POD docs and in

1.99_04 Sun Feb 17 2002


* Improve syntax error reporting in parser of wtscript files.

* Support for embeded Perl in wtscript files.

* Added test parameters 'user_agent' and 'show_headers'.  Thanks to
Markus Kucborski for patch.

* Updated docs on format of wtscript files.  Thanks to Richard

* HTTP-WebTest does follow redirects after POST now.  Note that it
breaks RFC but actually it is semi-standart behaviour of all browsers.
Thanks to Thieme Geoff for bugging me about it :)

* Added non-core plugin HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::Hooks which defines two
new test parameters: 'on_request' and 'on_response'.


* Test parameters validation API have been changed.  All plugins have
been fixed to conform new API. This change is required for proper
support of embeded Perl in wtscript files.

* Changed syntax of wtscript files.  Speaking more precisely rules for
test parameters value quoting have been changed to be more Perl alike.
It means that value of param should be written either as

    value - any string without special chars like => or ).  It is
    treated in same way as in old HTTP::WebTest

    "value" - usual Perl string quoting rules apply (i.e sequences
    like \n, \r, etc are treated as special and " can be escaped with
    \").  It is new in HTTP::WebTest.

    'value' - usual Perl string quoting rules apply (i.e sequences
    like \n is not tread as special but ' can be escaped with
    \').  This change breaks previosly allowed ''value'' style for
    escaping quote characters.

Also Perl expression in curly brackets can be
specified instead of test parameter value. Like

    url = { "http://" . 'somehost.com' }

 1.99_03 Mon Jan 28 2002

   * Numerous documentation fixes.  Thanks to Richard Anderson for
     reviewing and correcting POD docs.

   * Renamed 'show_cookie' test parameter to 'show_cookies' as it was
     in HTTP-WebTest 1.xx.

   * Added 'default_report' test parameter which can be used to
     disable test report output from default report plugin.  It can
     be useful if it is desired to use another report plugin for test

   * Added report plugin HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::TestHarness which
     provides report output compatible with Test::Harness.

   * Renamed method HTTP::WebTest::validate_test to
     HTTP::WebTest::validate_params.  Make it validate hash with test
     parameters instead of test object.

   * Now HTTP::WebTest does validate global test parameters.

   * Names of tests specified in wtscript files was ignored.  It is
     fixed now.

   * Added some content to HTTP::WebTest::Cookbook.

   * wt program will read test specification from standart input if no
     wtscript filenames were specified as its arguments.

 1.99_02 Fri Jan 18 2002

   * Moved autogenerated documentation on general module usage into
     HTTP::WebTest. Moved code and API documentation from
     HTTP::WebTest into HTTP::WebTest::API.  Suggested by Richard
     Anderson <richard@richard-anderson.org>.

   * Regenerate all autogenerated documentation before creation of
     distribution. Don't create it during module build and
     installation stage (i.e. perl Makefile.PL; make; make
     install).  Suggested by Richard Anderson

   * Numerous documentation fixes.

 1.99_01  Sun Jan 13 2002

   * Added support for third party plugins.  Added documentation on
     writting plugins.

   * Wtscript parser does check syntax of wtscript files.

   * Bug fixes

 1.99_00  Mon Jan  6 2002

   * Major rewrite of module.  The aim of this rewrite is plugin based
     architecture which allows to extend module functionality with

 1.07  Tue Nov 20 2001

   * HTTP::WebTest now uses Config.pm to find correct shebang string
     for script 'wt'.  It should correctly set path to perl
     interpreter even if perl is installed in non-standart place.

   * Added test parameter mail_from which allows to set From: header
     in report e-mails.  Thanks Joe Germuska
     <Joe.Germuska@JGSullivan.com> for the patch.

 1.06  Sat Aug 11 2001

   * Some files required for local web files testing mode were missing
     in last HTTP-WebTest distributions.

 1.05  Wed Aug  8 2001

   * Installation of http-webtest directory is optional now for Unix
     platforms.  It is completely disabled on Win32 platform.

   * Mentioned in docs that this module should work on Win32
     platform.  Bug reports from this platform would be appreciated.

   * Do not use environment variable WEBTEST_LIB in 'wt' script.  It
     seems to be needed only for debuging purposes and it was a source
     of many Perl warnings if it was not defined.

   * Sample Apache config file bundled with this module now contains
     directives to disable usage of apache access and resource config

   * HTTP::WebTest now uses File::Temp module for secure creation of
     temporary directories.

   * Removed section 'CHANGES' from HTTP::WebTest POD docs since it
     became too long.  Anybody interested in changes should consult
     this file.

 1.04  Mon Jul 16 2001

   * Added PREREQ_PM entry into Makefile.PL.  Thanks Britton
     <fsblk@aurora.uaf.edu> for suggesting this.

   * Fixed bug: test parameters accept_cookies and send_cookies did not
     affected transmission and receipt of cookies at all.

 1.03  Wed Jul  4 2001

   * First release by new maintainer.

   * Fixed bug with passing form params with POST requests.

 1.02  Tue Jun 26 2001

     Anderson <Richard.Anderson@raycosoft.com> TO Ilya Martynov
     TO Ilya Martynov.  So long, and thanks for all the fish.

   * Change succeed/fail count so that a successful fetch of a 
     page counts as a successful test.  (An unsuccessful fetch
     still counts as a failed test.)

   * Removed extraneous call to extract_cookies from get_response.

 1.01  Wed Jun 14 2001

   * Modified cookies parameter to allow less than 10 elements.  
     (Thanks to Thomas Ayles <tayles@arsdigita.com> for suggesting

   * Fixed bug that caused get_response() to fail to capture all 
     cookies returned by the webserver during redirects.  Added
     subclass HTTP::WebTest::Cookies (a modified HTTP::Cookies
     class).  (Thanks to Ilya Martynov <ilya@martynov.org> for
     this fix.)

   * Modified web server response time measurement to be more 

   * Exported run_web_test method so it can be called directly.

 1.00  Wed Jun 06 2001

   * Added max_rtime and min_rtime parameters to test web server 
     response time.  The perl module Time::HiRes is now a
     prerequisite to install HTTP::WebTest.  (This code was
     a collaborative effort by the author and Michael Blakeley 

   * Added pauth parameter for proxy authorization.  (This code 
     was a collaborative effort by the author and Darren Fulton 

   * Changed max_bytes and min_bytes paramters from test block 
     parameters to global and/or test block parameters.

   * Made format of output report more robust for max_bytes and 
     min_bytes parameters.

 0.30  Mon Mar 05 2001

   * Fixed ./t/*.t files so that "make test" runs correctly on 
     Solaris.  (Replaced export WEBTEST_LIB= with WEBTEST_LIB= ; 
     export WEBTEST_LIB.)  (Thanks to M. Simon Cavalletto 
     <simonm@evolution.com> for reporting this bug.)

   * Improved clarity of documentation and program output.

 0.20  Mon Feb 26 2001

   * Fixed bug that caused module to abort when a HTTP-Redirect 
     (302) is sent back with a relative URL.  Thanks to Andre 
     Machowiak <ama@ision.net> for this fix.

   * Set Content-type to 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' 
     for POST.  Thanks to Andre Machowiak <ama@ision.net> for
     this fix.

   * Modified Makefile.PL to get path of perl using the which 
     command and create the wt script with this path in the 
     she-bang line (#!).  (Thanks to Britton <fsblk@aurora.uaf.edu>
     for reporting this bug.)

   * Modified "make test" tests to write output to files in the 
     t subdirectory.

 0.01  Sat Dec  9 2000

   * Original version; created by h2xs 1.19.

   * First release to CPAN by Richard Anderson