(T: means the change to test suite)

	Standalone installation, does not require that libPARI is installed;
	use overload fixed;
	(temporarily?) removed plotting support to simplify standalone install;
	'defined ref' fixed;
	listPari(tag) added;
	import tags (:all and like :4) added;

	DejaNews search: pari & math* &! leo* &! ftpadmin &! natarajan &! mutuel &! uucp &! ~g (muc.archive.* | soc.culture.* | sfnet.* | news.newuser*)	
	Pari-die-handler was using die() instead of croak();
	pari_print, pari_pprint and pari_texprint implemented;

	T: New test "Testout":
	T: 168 tests of Testout report failure (not necessarily correctly ;-);
	T: 133 tests are skipped;

after 0.5:
	Prototypes added (121 not ok, 127 skipped);
	gdivround, ifact added (122 not ok, 112 skipped);
	Documentation brushed up;
	Quickier switch inside loadPari;
	T: Testout.t was transposing input/output matrices 
	  (89 not ok, 106 skipped);
	T: Testout.t: more filters (82 not ok, 109 skipped);
	Chapter 3 of documentation converted to POD;
	Problem with refcounting: when Perl code is called from PARI
	 loop constructs, avma changes under Perl feet...  fixed;
	Calculation of number of arguments of imported into Pari
	 function was wrong;
	Prototype of Perl function consulted when importing into PARI;
	Documentation brushed up;

after 0.6:
	Emulated subroutines for missing interfaces added (77 not ok);
	T: substitution 'fun(j=1)' to 'fun(j,1)' in testout (64 not ok);
	Better conversion of chapter3 (index entries created, literal blocks);
	T: Enable tests with print (75 not ok, 106 skip);
	T: Massage tests with loops (84 not ok, 78 skip);
	T: Massage floats on output to 16 digits (69 not ok, 78 skip);
	T: Massage complicated matrix output, +tiny changes (45 not ok, 76 sk);
	T: Yet more misc massage (29 not ok - most truely so, 81 skip);
	4 classes of problems: 
	   ker(matrix), pari_print inside fordiv, changevar, taylor

after 0.7:
	T: settype was ok, so remove the code for skipping it (80 skip)
	T: better filtering, print/multiline were busted (26 not ok, 73 skip);
	changevar() added;
	Access to vector elements via $v->[3] (0-based);
	T: convert a[6] to $a->[-1+6]:  (34 not ok, 37 skip);
	minor improvements to chap3_to_pod (for chapter 4 ;-);
	T: transposition tests converted: (34 not ok, 31 skip);
	sentinel introduced, does not fix anything...;
	T: had a workaround for forprime() instead of forvec() (33/31);
	T: various improvements... (17 not ok, but segfaults on exit);
	matrix() could have been called with the same variable for two
		iterators (4 not ok/30 skip, but segfaults on exit)
	T: move failing tests to will_fail.t;

after 0.8:
	Hi-resolution plotting works if one has Term::Gnuplot v. 0.4,
		one needs to call link_gnuplot() before doing this;
	foncpari.pl now suggests the code for a missing interface (in simplest
	interfaces for most functions added (except buch*, string and addhelp);
	indirect variables (like PARIvar('x')) can be indexed like $x->[2];
	T: Interactive plotting test added (ignored if no Term::Gnuplot);
	Bug in libPARI/plotport.c corrected;
	Minor changes to chap3_to_pod;
after 0.91:
	Chip recognition code from PARI2.0alpha0 added;
	Builds on Solaris, gives illegal instruction trap in t/Testout.t:32;
after 0.92:
	Fix the failure on Solaris via aliasing shifts() to pari_shifts()
	(was dynalinking with libnls instead).
after 0.93:
	Updated for newer Term::Gnuplot.

after 0.94:
	Updated for v 2.0.11-beta of PARI.
	One needs to manually copy paricfg.h from pari distribution
		to libPARI directory.
	Processor recognition is on level of 2.0.5-alpha.
	sparcs on linux/nextstep not supported.
	hppa cannot build dynamically, use machine=port instead in
		Makefile.PL line.
after 0.95_00:
	Approximately half of subtests are passed now (229 skip, 337 fail
		out of 782).
	Some more patches to PARI are required (in ./patches).
	Still needs to be built as a subdirectory of the root of PARI tree.
after 0.95_01:
	Tests and paricfg.h are autocopied (but paricfg.h should be
	created first by toplevel configure script!).
	Skip compatibility tests.
	Circa 80% of non-skipped tests is OK (110 fail, 764 skipped
		out of 1381).
	Look for PARI build directory nearby.
	Autogenerate libPARI.pod.
after 0.95_02:
	Tag :prec=digits allowed.
	Overloaded << and >> (in Perl, not XS).
	Hex and octal conversion on _hex_cvt.
	Untested overloaded constants, on :int, :float, :hex import tags.
	Output of doubles explained.
	Flexible interface implemented (with runtime-parsing of
		signature, will not work if sizeof's char*, GEN, long 
		are different.)
		85% pass (366 skipped, 146 fail out of 1381).
			(nfields: some actually-wrong answers?)
after 0.95_03:
	Prototype for flexible-interface functions was wrong.
	Only type()/sumalt()/prodinf()/plot*() are special-cased in
		tests now (in addition to what was in 1.39).
	Better massage of matrix output, use RE to process pari output.
	undef allowed as a value of an optional argument.
	Minor massage of codes to move 'l' and 'v' forward.
	setseriesprecision() implemented.
	sv2pari() was not calling mg_get().

All tests successful, 1 test skipped, plus 156 subtests skipped.
Files=17,  Tests=1393, 204 secs ( 0.00 cusr  0.00 csys =  0.00 cpu)
		       ^^^ with debugging enabled

after 2.0011_01:
	Build which needed a translation to level0.s, kernel1.s was busted.
	Perl 5.005_52 had conflicting `warner'.
	Perl 5.005_52 has different order of hashes => needed to explicitly
		order the variables in Testout.pm.
	Perl 5.005_52: Autoloading got in the way of FETCHSIZE (implemented)
	:int, :float and :hex import tags tested and fixed.

All tests successful, 1 test skipped, plus 156 subtests skipped.
Files=15,  Tests=1377, 121 wallclock secs ( 0.00 cusr +  0.00 csys =  0.00 CPU)

after 2.001102:
        Patching was still busted.
	Use the copy of tar.gz in the current directory if present.

after 2.001103:
        Tests now run with the plotting enabled too.

All tests successful.
Files=15,  Tests=1378, 108 secs (86.46 cusr  3.82 csys = 90.28 cpu)

	new patch for PARI 2.0.12.
	Allow a LF before comma for my_print* tests.
	Special-case version 2.0.13 too (prefer alpha over betas).
	First step to allow dynalinking set_output_file().
	Change interfaces 83 and 84: they are void now.
	During test environment variable MP_NOGNUPLOT may be set to
	not load Term::Gnuplot.
	The hack to fake GEN-as-an-array-reference was creating a
	cyclic reference loop ==> memory leak.
	machine=port target was trying to compile none/level0.s.
	Special-case version 2.0.14 too (prefer alpha over betas).