2014-01-14: 2.0.0 (002ff73)
- Initial version

2014-02-14: 2.0.1 (338769d)
- Put all packages into Tinkerforge namespace
- Fix signature of get/set_response_expected(_all) functions to match the
- Handle error code in response packages
- Add Error class to report an error code in addition to the error message

2014-03-25: 2.0.2 (8df7db8)
- Use better markup in inline documentation
- Rework socket sharing between threads to fix (auto-)reconnection handling

2014-04-08: 2.1.0 (9124f8e)
- Add authentication support to IPConnection and Master Brick API
- Make IPConnection locks proper members of the class instance
- Make Brick and Bricklet classes proper subclasses of Device
- Don't overwrite auto_reconnect option in set_timeout function

2014-07-03: 2.1.1 (cdb00f1)
- Add support for WS2811 and WS2812 to LED Strip Bricklet API

2014-08-11: 2.1.2 (a87f5bc)
- Add support for Color, NFC/RFID and Solid State Relay Bricklet
- Only use MSG_NOSIGNAL if it's really defined
- Remove CPAN package from ZIP file, include relevant files into the source/

2014-12-10: 2.1.3 (2718ddc)
- (no changes)

2014-12-10: 2.1.4 (27725d5)
- Add support for RED Brick

2015-07-28: 2.1.5 (725ccd3)
- Add DEVICE_DISPLAY_NAME constant to all Device classes
- Add functions for all Bricks to turn status LEDs on and off
- Avoid possible connection state race condition on connect
- Add support for IMU Brick 2.0, Accelerometer, Ambient Light 2.0,
  Analog In 2.0, Analog Out 2.0, Dust Detector, Industrial Analog Out,
  Industrial Dual Analog In, Laser Range Finder, Load Cell and RS232 Bricklet

2015-11-17: 2.1.6 (158f00f)
- Add missing constant for 19200 baud to RS232 Bricklet API
- Add error callback to RS232 Bricklet API
- Add set_break_condition function to RS232 Bricklet API
- Add unlimited illuminance range constant to Ambient Light Bricklet 2.0 API
- Break API to fix threshold min/max type mismatch in Ambient Light, Analog In
  (2.0), Distance IR/US, Humidity, Linear Poti and Voltage Bricklet API
- Break API to fix bool return type mismatch in Servo Brick
  (is_position_reached_callback_enabled and is_velocity_reached_callback_enabled
  function), Accelerometer Bricklet (is_led_on function) and Load Cell Bricklet
  (is_led_on function) API
- Avoid warnings about experimental reference access patterns

2016-01-06: 2.1.7 (3ade121)
- Add support for CO2, OLED 64x48 and 128x64, Thermocouple and UV Light Bricklet

2016-02-09: 2.1.8 (5552d2c)
- Add support for Real-Time Clock Bricklet
- Break GPS Bricklet API to fix types of altitude and geoidal separation values
  (get_altitude method and ALTITUDE callback)

2016-06-29: 2.1.9 (9db7daa)
- Add support for WIFI Extension 2.0 to Master Brick API
- Add support for CAN Bricklet and RGB LED Bricklet
- Add DATETIME and ALARM callbacks to Real-Time Clock Bricklet API

2016-09-08: 2.1.10 (2863e14)
- Add support for RGBW LEDs, channel mapping and SK6812RGBW (NeoPixel RGBW),
  LPD8806 and ADA102 (DotStar) chip types to LED Strip Bricklet API

2017-01-25: 2.1.11 (7aeee37)
- Add support for WIFI Extension 2.0 Mesh mode to Master Brick API
- Add get/set_status_led_config functions to Motion Detector Bricklet API
- Add sensor and fusion mode configuration functions to IMU Brick 2.0 API

2017-04-21: 2.1.12 (044bd9b)
- Add support for Silent Stepper Brick
- Add get/set_configuration functions to Laser Range Finder Bricklet API to
  support Bricklets with LIDAR-Lite sensor hardware version 3
- Add get_send_timeout_count function to all Brick APIs

2017-05-11: 2.1.13 (3960b4a)
- Add support for GPS Bricklet 2.0

2017-07-26: 2.1.14 (<unknown>)
- Add support for RS485 Bricklet
- Add general streaming support
- Add SPITFP configuration and diagnostics functions to all Brick APIs to
  configure and debug the communication between Bricks and Co-MCU Bricklets
- Remove unused get_current_consumption function from Slient Stepper Brick API