Revision history for Perl extension API::Plesk.

2.02 2013-07-10
    Added DNS zone SOA get (Jari Turkia)
    Added secret key -based authentication (by Jari Turkia)
    Fixed warning about uninitialized value
    subdomain added (Zavarykin Eugeny)
    is_connection_error modified (Zavarykin Eugeny)
    fixed warning and bug (Eugen Konkov)
    .gitignore (Akzhan Abdulin)
    fixed bug (Ivan Shamal)

2.01 2012-06-25
    Fixed tests

2.00 2012-06-25
    Improved is_connection_error function
    Added user component (bgmilne)
    Added mock module for testing without sending requests to real api
    Fixed bug in service_plan->get method

2.00_3 12 Aug 10:00
    Added site-alias component
    Fixed add and set webspace
    Added tests
    Fixed site component
    Added sitebuilder component
    Added ftp-user component
    Fixed hosting ftp_password bug
    Added dns component 
    Added mail component
    Fixed is_connection_error function
    Added set and del opetations to service-plan
    Added test of service-plan component
    Reformated Changes
    Fixed Pod

2.00_2 16 May 2011 11:36:20
    Fixed xml renderer

2.00_1 20 Apr 2011 10:52:43
    Fully rewrited
    Compatibility with Plesk API

    Add Mail/DB/DBUsers/Domains export from Plesk

    Patch from Nikolay Shulyakovskiy

1.07 Jul 31 17:31:47 SAMST 2008
    Fixed Build.PL (Test::LongString not in prereqs_build  list but required )
    Add as required module for test stage

1.06 Jul 13 19:48:47 SAMST 2008
    More improvements in tests
    Get user domains list by login or client id

1.05 Jun 15 19:46:22 SAMST 2008
    Added full support operations with databases and db users
    Fixed errors in pod documentation

1.04 May 29 04:14:14 SAMST 2008
    Added the ability to fine tuning the abstract_parser sub (for API::PleskExpand)

1.03 May 25 17:30:43 SAMST 2008
    Small bug fix

1.02 Mar 22 10:54:49 SAMT 2008
    Fixed errors in pod documentation
    Fixed bug with keys sorting in (thanks to CPAN testers)

1.01 Mar 20 00:10:43 SAMT 2008
    Fixed errors in pod documentation
    Fixed bug in Tariff Plan Change sub ( 

1.00 Mar 18 08:57:17 SAMT 2008
    The first public release