Revision history for Dancer-Plugin-SiteMap

0.12    05/12/2013 14:41:00
        Bugfix for RT #91176.
        The SiteMap was duplicating entries when the AJAX plugin was in use
        and ajax and get routes were declared for the same path. Which while
        technically not a bug, as it was doing what it was supposed to, it's
        undesirable, and as such has been patched out.

0.10    06/07/2012 22:38:00
        Added support for Dancer 2 - Official the first Dancer plugin
        to seemlessly support both versions of the framework! :-)

0.04-0.09 Wow, I was lazy and didn't update this... Bug fixes mostly :-)

0.03    19/04/2010 19:50:00
        Ammended the change log, the README and added META.yml

0.02    19/04/2010 19:15:00
        Taken on board comments about being v5.0100 and removed the
        version limitation.

0.01    18/04/2010 19:30:00
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.