Revision history for module Font::TFM.

1.01 Thu Mar  3 22:03:20 CET 2011
	Updating the upstream URL to

0.150 Tue Sep 21 11:12:19 MET DST 2004
	Added support for TeX math font parameter names.

0.130 Tue Oct  2 16:38:49 MET DST 2001
	Changed the interface to method new, adding file option, as
	well as options to override the global defaults. One- and
	two-argument calls are still supported.

0.120 Mon Oct  1 21:37:05 MET DST 2001
	Fixed error with extended kern programs, found by Vladimir

0.110 Mon Sep 24 15:50:22 MET DST 2001
	Fixed kern handling (kern in 'va' was wrong, for example),
	reported by Vladimir Volovich.

0.100 Sat Sep 16 20:27:34 MET DST 2000
	The module made subclassable -- fonts can be retrieved from
	other locations that local disk. The new module (like
	Font::TFM::UseLWP) has to override the open_tfm method to
	return a filehandle. Patch provided by Jamie.

	The source code reindented.

0.074 Sun Apr  2 16:36:25 MET DST 2000
	Removed (defined array) and added DESTROY, 5.6 seems to
	like that.

0.073 Thu Dec  3 14:48:27 MET 1998
	Added binmode, found by Randy Kobes.

0.072 Mon Sep 14 12:59:27 MET DST 1998
	Fixed problem with .PL, inspired by Graham Barr.

0.06 Sun Aug  9 14:30:30 MET DST 1998
	Added a way to specify the TEXFONTSDIR during installation,
	man page extended.

0.05 Tue Aug 19 10:09:27 MET DST 1997
	Minor bug fixes. Module made use strict clean. Tests added.

0.04 Wed Apr  9 10:20:10 MET DST 1997
	Font::TFM::word_dimensions added, Font::TFM::word_width and
	new Font::TFM::word_height and Font::TFM::word_depth now call

	Font::TFM::MULTIPLY added, still defaults do 65536.

	Module made faster, also uses AUTOLOAD for many things. Minor
	bug fixes.

0.03 Sun Feb 16 13:55:26 MET 1997
	Font::TFM::expand added to provide lig/kern expansion.

	Font::TFM::word_width added to measure width of word on output.

	Font::TFM::em_width and TFM::name added.

	Name Font::TFM set up instead of TFM.

0.02 Thu Feb 13 20:43:38 MET 1997
	First version released/announced on public.