Revision history for Perl extension Search::Sitemap.

    - Finally updated after a long hiatus (sorry about that)
    - Special thanks to Alex J. G. Burzynski, who wrote all the patches
      for the fixes in versions 2.11 and 2.12, and to Christopher J. Madsen,
      who forked my github repo, applied all the patches, and turned it all
      into a pull request to make it much easier for me to get the fixes

    - Fix wrong datetime formatting for strftime (%FT%T is not portable),
      reported by Andrew Scheller [github issue #1]
    - Fix [ #57420] this time for sure, reported by Andrew Scheller
      [github issue #2]

    - Fixed Moose warning about coercion [ #60468]
      reported by
    - Fixed SitemapLastMod coercion [ #59038]
      reported by Max Kanat-Alexander
    - Fixed small documentation bug [ #57260]
      reported by Andrew Scheller
    - Fixed minor documentation bug [ #57231]
      reported by Andrew Scheller
    - Fixed documentation bug around use of Search::Sitemap::Index
      [ #57420] reported by Andrew Scheller 
    - Fixed read()/write() methods [ #52742] reported by

    All above were fixed by Alex J. G. BurzyƄski

    - Modified Search::Sitemap::Index to produce XML that works better in
      XML validators.  Patch provided by Marc Tobias Metten.
    - Fixed a bug where the wrong label was used for index files, also
      reported by Marc Tobias Metten in RT #49325

    - Don't use %T for strftime, since some platforms don't support it.
      Reported by Martin Thurn.

    - Don't make Search::Shapefile::Types immutable, it doesn't seem to work
    - Fix some MooseX::Types related warnings (and a bug) reported by
      Andrew Solomon.  [ #46737][ ##46792]
    - Cleaned up some of the type constraints, now that I better understand

    - Fixed bug that caused the sitemap to include empty tag for optional
      attributes when no value was specified, reported by Christopher J.
      Madsen. [ #44660]
    - Corrected the clearer for changefreq, also reported by Christopher J.
      Madsen. [ #44660]

    - Added another missing dependency.

    - Added some more missing dependencies to Makefile.PL, reported by
      Andreas Koenig. [ #43593]

    - Added missing dependencies to Makefile.PL

    - Fixed a bug where last modified times specified with a negative
      timezone offset didn't work.  Reported by russelj9.
    - Fixed a problem with the last modified type constraint and coercion.

    - Minor updates to ShipIt process.

    - Minor updates.

    - Renamed from WWW::Google::SiteMap to Search::Sitemap, to better reflect
      that it can be used for search engines other than Google.
    - Corrected some README inaccuracies.
    - Split Search::Sitemap::Robot into it's own distribution.
    - Corrected a quoting problem in the Search::Sitemap:Robot
      documentation, so the sample code should work now.  Reported by
      Hans van Harten.
    - Fixed a bug that added the wrong lastmod time when given an
      HTTP::Response object.
    - Added support for Google's Mobile Sitemap extension.

    - Replaced %F with %Y-%m-%d in strftime calls, to correct a Solaris bug
      (since Solaris strftime doesn't know about %F).  Reproted by Fredrik
    - Added more information to error messages when parsing an existing
      sitemap fails.  Reported by Vinko Vrsalovic Bolte.

    - Converted installer from ExtUtils::MakeMaker to Module::Install, which
      should make it easier to install for Windows users.
    - Fixed a uri-encoding problem in WWW::Google::SiteMap::URL, reported
      by Jeff Horn.
    - Added some additional test cases and cleaned up some test cases.

    - Added changes for 1.06 to Changes file, which were accidentally left
      out of the last release.
    - Fixed the WWW-Google-SiteMap-Robot.t test to skip testing if
      WWW::Mechanize is not installed, reported by Jan Kratochvil.

    - Correction to documentation for WWW::Google::SiteMap::Robot
      ($robot->start should be $robot->run), reported by Martin Kissner.
    - Adjusted WWW::Google::SiteMap::Robot to discard anchors from URLs,
      reported by Martin Kissner.
    - Removed an accidental prerequisite from WWW::Google::SiteMap::URL.  You
      can give it DateTime objects to set the lastmod option, but you don't
      have to, there are other ways to set it as well.

    - Fixed a documentation error in WWW::Google::SiteMap, and a problem with
      the XML headers generated for sitemap indexes, both reported by
      Michael Smith.
    - Use 'use vars' instead of 'our' for older versions of perl.

    - Removed some leftover debugging output from WWW::Google::SiteMap::Robot.
    - Fixed date generation to deal with strangeness in the dates that Google
      will accept.  Note that this means some date/time strings that were
      previously accepted may now fail.  See L<WWW::Google::SiteMap::URL> for
      details of the acceptable values to lastmod().
    - Added some more tests.

    - Fix a problem caused by the switch to XML::Twig, which was leaving off
      some of the XML header information.  Reported by Olaf Anders.
    - Fixed a bug with WWW::Google::SiteMap::Robot, which forgot to load the
      WWW::Google::SiteMap::Ping module before trying to send pings.
    - Accidentally forgot to include the new WWW::Google::SiteMap::Robot
      class, which helps build sitemaps by spidering your web site.

    - Version 1.00 Released!
    - Fixed Zlib detection problem reported by Lance Cleveland.
    - Check to make sure that the sitemap file was opened correctly, rather
      than just crashing when we try to write to it, also reported by
      Lance Cleveland.
    - Added support for sitemap indexes (see WWW::Google::SiteMap::Index)
    - Added support for notifying Google when your sitemaps and sitemap
      indexes are updated (see WWW::Google::SiteMap::Ping).  Suggested by
      Frank Naude.
    - Fixed a bug in the ISO-8601 time format checking.

    - Changed from XML::Simple to XML::Twig for XML parsing/generating, this
      means you can now validate your sitemaps with an XML validator.
    - Fixed some documentation errors, spotted by Ing. Branislav Gerzo

    - Renamed from Google::SiteMap to WWW::Google::SiteMap, shouldn't have
      created a new top-level namespace in the first place.

	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-X Google::SiteMap