2002-04-27 Jeffrey W. Baker <jwbaker@acm.org>

    * dbdimp.c: Add default at end of switch statement for pg_type attrib.
    * t/13pgtype.t: test for above.
2002-04-09 Jeffrey W. Baker <jwbaker@acm.org>

    * Pg.pm, dbdimp.c: Applied patch from 
    Thomas A. Lowery <tlowery@stlowery.net> concerning metadata
    in table_info and so forth.
2002-03-06 Jeffrey W. Baker <jwbaker@acm.org>

    * Pg.pm (quote): Applied patch from David Wheeler <david@wheeler.net>
    to simplfiy and speed up quoting.

    * t/11quoting.t: Tests for above patch.
    * t/12placeholders.t: Tests for placeholder parsing in quoted strings.
2002-03-06 Jeffrey W. Baker

    * Version 1.10 uploaded to CPAN.
1.01 Jun 27, 2001
	- fixed core dump when trying to use a BYTEA value with
	  a byte outside 0..127  Alex Pilosov <alex@pilosoft.com>

1.00 May 27, 2001
	- Fetching all records now resets Active flag as it should.

0.99 May 24, 2001
	- fix the segmentation fault in pg_error.

0.98 Apr 25, 2001
	- bug-fix for core-dump after any failed function call.
	- applied patch from Alex Pilosov <alex@pilosoft.com> 
	  which adds support for the datatype bytea

0.97 Apr 20, 2001
	- fix bug in connect method, which erroneously set the userid
	  and the password to the environment variables DBI_USER and
	- applied patch from Jan-Pieter Cornet <john@pc.xs4all.nl>,
	  which removed the special handling of a backslash when
	  used for octal presentation. Now a backslash always will
	  be escaped.

0.96 Apr 09, 2001
	- remove memory-leak in ping function, bug-fix
	  from Doug Perham <dperham@wgate.com>
	- correct the recognition of primary keys in 
	  table_attributes(). Patch from Brian Powell 
	- applied patch from David D. Kilzer <ddkilzer@lubricants-oil.com>
	  which fixes a segmentation fault in DBD::pg::blob_read() when 
	  reading LOBs that required perl to reallocate space for the 
	  variable holding the scalar value
	- updated test.pl to create a test blob larger than 256 bytes 
	  (now 128 Kbytes)
	- apply patch from Tom Lane, which fixes a seg-fault when
	  inserting large amounts of text.
	- apply patch from Peter Haworth   pmh@edison.ioppublishing.com,
	  which removes the newlines from the error messages and which 
	  quotes date placeholders.

0.95 Jul 10, 2000
	- add Win32 port from Bob Kline <bkline@rksystems.com>.

0.94 Jul 07, 2000
	- applied patch from Rudy Lippan <almighty@randomc.com>
	  which fixes a memory-leak with failed connections.
	- applied patch from Hein Roehrig <hein@acm.org>
	  which fixes a bug with escaping a backslash except for 
	  octal presentation
        - applied patch from Francis J. Lacoste <francis.lacoste@iNsu.COM
          which fixes a segmentation fault when all binded parameters are NULL
        - adapt test.pl to avoid warnings with postgresql-7.0
        - added support for 'COPY FROM STDIN' and 'COPY TO STDOUT'
        - added patch from Mark Stosberg <mark@summersault.com>
          to enhance the table_attributes subroutine

0.93 Sep 29, 1999
	- it is required now to set the environment variables POSTGRES_INCLUDE
	  and POSTGRES_LIB for compiling the module.
	- add Win32 port from Bob Kline <bkline@rksystems.com>.
	- support for all large-object functions via the func
	- fixed bug with placeholders and casts spotted by
	- replaced the method attributes by the method table_attributes,
	  from Scott Williams <scott@james.com>.
	- fix type definitions for type_info_all().
	  bug spotted by "carlos" <emarcet@intramed.net.ar>.
	- now the Pg-specific quote() method also evaluates the 
	  data-type paramater. 

0.92 Jun 16, 1999
	- proposal from Philip Warner <pjw@rhyme.com.au>:
	  increase BUFSIZE from 1024 to 32768 in order to improve
	  I/O performance.
	- bug-fix in Makefile.PL for $POSTGRES_HOME not defined
	  spotted by mdalphin@amgen.com (Mark Dalphin)
	- bug-fix for data-type datetime in type_info_all
	  spotted by Alan Grover <awgrover@iconnect-inc.com>
	- bug-fix for escaped 's spotted by Hankin <hankin@consultco.com>
	- removed 'large objects' related tests from test.pl

0.91 Feb 14, 1999
	- removed restriction for commercial use in copyright
	- corrected DATA_TYPE in type_info_all()

0.90 Jan 15, 1998
	- discard parameter authtype from connect string
	- remove work-around for bug in the large object 
	  interface of postgresql 

0.89 Nov 05, 1998
	- bug-fix from Jan Iven <j.iven@rz.uni-sb.de>:
	  fix problem with quoting Null in bind variables.

0.88 Oct 10, 1998
	- fixed blob_read
	- suppressed warning when testing DBI::errstr

0.87 Sep 05, 1998
	- Pg.xs adapted to Driver.xst from DBI-1.0
	- major rewrite of module documentation 
	- major rewrite of the test script
	- use built-in DBI method for $dbh->do 
	- add macro dHTR in order to avoid compile errors 
	  with threaded perl5.005
	- renamed attribute AutoEscape to pg_auto_escape
	- renamed attribute SIZE to pg_size
	- new attribute pg_type
	- added support for DBI->data_sources($driver)
	- added support for $dbh->table_info
	- blob_read documented and added to test.pl 
	- added support for attr parameter in bind_param()

0.86 Aug 21, 1998
	- added /usr/lib/ to search path for libpq.
	- added ChopBlanks, patch from 
          Victor Krasinsky <victor@rdovira.lviv.ua>
	- changed test.pl to test multiple database handles 

0.85 July 19, 1998
	- non-printable characters in parameters will not be 
	  converted to '.'. They are passed unchanged to the 

0.84 July 18, 1998
	- bug-fix from Max Cohan <mcohan@adnc.net>:
	  check for \xxx presentation before escaping backslash
	  in parameters. 
	- introduce new database handle attribute AutoEscape, which 
	  controls escaping of quotes and backslashes in parameters. 
	  When set to on, all quotes except at the beginning and 
	  at the end of a line will be escaped and all backslashes 
	  except when used to indicate an octal presentation (\xxx) 
	  will be escaped. Default of AutoEscape is on. 

0.83 July 10, 1998
	- bug-fix from Max Cohan <mcohan@adnc.net>:
	  using traces together with undef in place-holders dumped 

0.82 June 20, 1998
	- bug-fix from Matthew Lenz <matthew@nocturnal.org>:
	  corrected include path in Makefile.PL .
	- added 'use strict;' to test.pl

0.81 June 13, 1998
	- bug-fix from Rolf Grossmann <grossman@securitas.net>:
	  undefined parameters in an execute statement will be 
	  translated from 'undef' to 'NULL'. Also every parameter 
	  for bind_param() will be quoted by default (escape quote 
	  and backslash). Appropriate tests have been added to test.pl. 
	- change ping method to use libpq-interface.

0.80 June 07, 1998
	- adapted to postgresql-6.4:
	  the backend protocol has changed, which needs an adapted
	  ping method. A ping-test has been added to the test-script.
	  Also some type identifiers have changed. 

0.73 June 03, 1998
	- changed include directives in Makefile.PL from 
	  archlib to installarchlib and from sitearch to
	  installsitearch (Tony.Curtis@vcpc.univie.ac.at).
	- applied patch from Junio Hamano <junio@twinsun.com>
	  quote method also doubles backslash.

0.72 April 20, 1998
	- applied patch from Michael J Schout <mschout@gkg.net>
	  which fixed the bug with queries containing the cast
	- applied patch from "Irving Reid" <irving@tor.securecomputing.com>
	  which fixed a memory leak.

0.71 April 04, 1998
	- applied patch from "Irving Reid" 
	  <irving@tor.securecomputing.com> which fixed the
	  the problem with the InactiveDestroy message.

0.70 March 28, 1998
        - linking again with the shared version of libpq 
          due to problems on several operating systems.

0.69 March  6, 1998
	- expanded the search path for include files
        - module is now linked with static libpq.a

0.68  March 3, 1998
        - return to UNIX domain sockets in test-scripts

0.67  February 21, 1998
	- remove part of Driver.xst due to compile
	  error on some systems.

0.66  February 19, 1998
	- remove defines in Pg.h so that
	  it compiles also with postgresql-6.2.1
	- changed ping method: set RaiseError=0

0.65  February 14, 1998
	- adapted to changes in DBI-0.91, so that the
	  default setting for AutoCommit and PrintError is 
	  again conformant to the DBI specs.

0.64  February 01, 1998
        - changed syntax of data_source (ODBC-conformant): 
        - implemented place-holders 
        - implemented ping-method
        - added support for $dbh->{RaiseError} and $dbh->{PrintError},
          note: DBI-default for PrintError is on !
        - allow commit and rollback only if AutoCommit = off
        - added documentation for $dbh->tables;
        - new method to get meta-information about a given table:
        - host-parameter in test.pl is set explicitly to localhost

0.63  October 05, 1997
	- adapted to PostgreSQL-6.2:
          o $sth->rows as well as $sth->execute
            and $sth->do return the number of 
            affected rows even for non-Select
          o support for password authorization added, 
            please check the man-page for pg_passwd. 
        - the data_source parameter of the connect 
          method accepts two additional parameters 
          which are  treated as host and port:
          DBI->connect("dbi:Pg:dbname:host:port", "uid", "pwd")
        - support for AutoCommit, please read the 
          module documentation for impacts on your 
          scripts !
        - more perl-ish handling of data type bool, 
          please read the module documentation for 
          impacts on your scripts !

0.62  August 26, 1997
	- added blobs/README

0.61  August 23, 1997
        - adapted to DBI-0.89/Driver.xst
	- added support for blob_read

0.52  August 15, 1997
        - added support for literal $sth->{'TYPE'},
          pg_type.pl / pg_type.pm.

0.51  August 12, 1997
        - changed attributes to be DBI conformant:
          o OID_STATUS to pg_oid_status
          o CMD_STATUS to pg_cmd_status

0.5   August 05, 1997
	- support for user authentication
	- support for bind_columns
	- added $dbh->tables

0.4   Jun 24, 1997
        - adapted to DBI-0.84:
          o new syntax for DBI->connect !
          o execute returns 0E0 -> n for     SELECT stmt
                                  -1 for non SELECT stmt
                                  -2 on error
        - new attribute $sth->{'OID_STATUS'}
        - new attribute $sth->{'CMD_STATUS'}

0.3   Apr 24, 1997
        - bug fix release, ( still alpha ! )

0.2   Mar 13, 1997
	- complete rewrite, ( still alpha ! )

0.1   Feb 15, 1997
	- creation, ( totally pre-alpha ! )