Revision history for WWW::WebKit2

0.11 Fri July 24 15:27:00 CET 2020

Changing drag and drop to use javascript rather than simulated mouse controls.
Getting HTML source with webkit_web_resource_get_data_finish rather than with javascript
Change to page waiting technique used inside fire event
Addition of proxy settings via webkit network proxy

0.111 Tue July 28 16:10:00 CET 2020
Change to how page loading is checked in fire events.

0.12 Wed Sep 16 11:20:00 CET 2020
- Remove potential TOCTOU race condition caused usage of Gtk3::main_iteration
- helper event listener in fire_event now cleans itself up
- remove "intelligent" wait handling in click and implement click_and_wait instead.
  Let the user handle the waiting.

0.121 Tue Sep 22 17:20:00 CET 2020
- Add new mouse method that does drag and drop using XTest mouse movement

0.122 Mon Sep 28 18:50:00 CET 2020
- Tests will skip when run as root due to root not being able to remove the X11 session created for the tests
- Additional waiting before opening new pages, this is to help stop issues with ajax requests coming through after navigating to a new page

0.123 Tue Sep 29 18:01:00 CET 2020
- Use Webkit2 decide-policy signal to make sure we do not navigate away from pages too quickly
- Injected JS for navigation is through anonymous functions to reduce the amount of global variables

0.124 Thu Oct 1 08:16:00 CET 2020
- error correction for tests when run as root. Use ok in wrong position

0.125 Mon Oct 5 13:15 CET 2020
- allow multiple concurrent navigations (can be caused by iframes) and turn die into opt-in warn

0.126 Tue Oct 6 11:00 CET 2020
- navigation requests to about:blank never properly finish and cause WebKit to hang

0.127 Mon Oct 19 10:00 CET 2020
- fix memory leak in get_html_source

0.128 Wed Nov 18 10:20:00 CET 2020
- better error handling for get_html_source

0.129 Thu Nov 19 14:00:00 CET 2020
- Remove uneeded lib path in test file
- Improved cookie management using Webkit2s Website data manage and cookie manager