Revision history for Perl module distribution WARC.

0.0.0_5  2019-09-10
	- quick release after previous release had a very high failure rate

	- fix bug in WARC::Record::FromVolume tests that caused failures on
          perl 5.18+ due to improved hash randomization

	- kill a bogus inherited constructor in WARC::Record::FromVolume

	- implement WARC::Index::Entry
	- add WARC::Record::Stub for load-on-demand record objects

	- replace platform-based test with direct feature test in
          WARC::Volume to determine if inode numbers from stat are valid
	  - The new test assumes that stat either returns a constant bogus
            inode number, or that the dev:ino fields are as POSIX requires.

	- declare dependencies on core modules to ensure that the installed
          version is included in test reports

0.0.0_4  2019-09-08
	- quick release after previous release had 100% FAIL on CPAN Testers

	- fix bug in WARC::Record tests that was causing random failures
	- fix missing "use overload fallback => 1" in WARC::Volume
	  - bizarrely, the tests passed here without it

	- implement WARC::Index index system registration

0.0.0_3  2019-09-07
	- skip POD verification test if Pod::Checker is too old

	- implement WARC::Date
	- implement WARC::Volume
	- implement basic support for reading WARC files
	  - WARC::Record::Block
	  - part of WARC::Record
	  - part of WARC::Record::FromVolume

	- WARC::Fields
	  - test performance improved
	  - ->as_block now uses strict UTF-8
	  - parsing tests now skipped if Perl core lacks in-memory files

	- document 'sl' gzip extension header generated by GNU Wget
	  - WARC::Builder will also support writing this header
	  - WARC::Record uses this header if available

0.0.0_2  2019-08-31
	- skip POD verification test if Pod::Checker is not available

	- improve unit tests
	  - tests now "use strict" and "use warnings"
	  - tests now abort if loading target module fails

	- implement WARC::Fields
	- declare dependency on Scalar::Util for WARC::Fields

0.0.0_1  2019-08-16
	- original version as POD specification