0.1 2019-08-26
	- Initial version from pre-existing work done
0.2 2019-08-28
	- Switched from Class::Struct to inner package for management of exceptions for better granularity
0.6.3 2019-10-23
	- Add _set_get_hash_as_object with recursive processing
0.6.4 2019-10-31
	- Added handling of undef passed as a parameter to some of the _set_get_* methods
0.6.5 2019-11-02
	- Added an inline package Module::Generic::Boolean to handle boolean value and the _set_get_boolean method
	- Added the use of Class::Load for loading dynamically packages as used in _instantiate_object
	- Added the methods true, false under Module::Generic to be used in _set_get_boolean and _is_class_loaded and _load_class which are wrappers for Class::Load::is_class_loaded and Class::Load::load_class
0.6.6 2019-11-03
    - Adjusted the functionning of _set_get_hash_as_object so that it always returns an object even when there was no data. This is to avoid the perl error of "Can't call method "this_property" on an undefined value" when doing something like my_dynamic_hash->this_property
0.11.8 2020-04-25
	- Changed init when an object preset value looks like a package name, this now also requires that the package be loaded to consider it as a package requirement. Example:
	$self->{url} = 'URI';
	requires an object URI for the object property 'url'
	- error() method now respect the 'no warnings' pragma
	If 'no warnings' is set, an error wil still be set, but no warning will be printed out on STDERR
0.11.9 2020-04-27
	- Removed some ambiguity in the use of shift
0.12.0 2020-05-01
	- Added colour_closest, colour_format, colour_parse and message_colour
	- Added missing pod documentation
0.12.1 2020-05-03
	- Corrected issue when @_ contains an undef value in __instantiate_object
0.12.2 2020-05-05
	- Added Module::Generic::Number, its test units and pod documentations
	- _set_get_number now sets and gets a Module::Generic::Number instead of Text::Number
	- Added Module::Generic::Hash providing an object oriented approach to hash while stil enabling direct access as usual
	- Added missing test units
0.12.3 2020-05-16
	- Corrected minor issues at line at lines 5428 and 5430 where a typo existed
0.12.4 2020-05-16
	- Specified more clearly version 0.006019 for Devel::Declare, because upper version break TryCatch
	- Change from TryCatch to Nice::Try because TryCatch got broken with release of Devel::Declare version 0.006020
	- Corrected a small bug in creating a Number::Format object.