Revision history for Perl extension Mail::Sender.

I am sorry I did not keep track of the changes :-(

Version 0.4 :
 I added several methods for most common tasks.
  MailMsg : Send a string as a mail by single call
  MailFile : The same plus attached files
  SendFile : Insert a file as a part of a multipart message
  Send(Line)Enc : Automatic encoding (Base64,Quoted-Printable)

Version 0.5 :
 Cancel : cancel an Opened message.
 $sender->{'error'} : last error for this object.
 @Errors : a list of error messages.
 Several minor fixes.

Version 0.6 :
 fixed problems with Base64 encoding. Files are now read, encoded and
 sent in parts instead of whole at once. You may call SendEnc several
 times in one part now.


Version 0.6.6 : Added support for CC: and BCC:.

Version 0.6.9b : 7/19/1999 - BETA
 Open(), MailMsg and MailFile accept ctype, and encoding parameters.

 You have more options in Part() and Body(). It's possible to send HTML
 mails with inlined images easily now.

 Error -5 (Unspecified communication error) now includes the actual
 error returned by the mail server.

 Some more examples in the docs.

 Mail::Sender now tries to guess the content type for attached files.

 You may now create not only multipart/mixed but also multipart/related
 or other messages.

Version 0.7.00
 Mail/Sender.config file may be used to set up default options for
 new Mail::Sender. You may install a function that gets called for every

Version 0.7.01 - 12/9/1999
 bugfix (qmail would not accept attachments)

Version 0.7.02 - 8/1/19100
  Don't tell me I'm stuuupid, I know it. Ever tried to send en email
  with a line consisting of only a single dot?

Version 0.7.03 - 14/1/19100
  Don't tell me I'm stuuupid, I know it. As Jan Starzynski <>
  pointed out it ate the last character on each line in SendEx() (Used in SendFile)
  under Unix. Oh well :-(

Version 0.7.04 - 8/1/19100
  A fix only in the configuration script because of some unimportant
  problems with PPM instalation. No change to the module itself.

Version 0.7.05 - 25/1/19100
 Added fake_from, fake_to and fake_cc options to
 This allows you to send a message to a list of people, while including
 only the list name/address in the headers. The fake_... may be whatever
 text you like, doesn't need to look like an address.

Version 0.7.06

Version 0.7.07 - 4/4/2001
 Fixed a stupid bug related to multipart messages (have you ever used one hash item
 for two different purposes? I AM that stupid!)

Version 0.7.08 - 4/10/2001
 doc fix

Version 0.7.09 - 6/28/2001
 minor fixes

Version 0.7.10
 minor instalation related fixes

Version 0.7.11
 not public, beta only

Version 0.7.12 - 2/18/2002
 added debuging output
 The problem with multiline responses from some SMTP servers (namely qmail) is solved.

Version 0.7.13 - 3/13/2002
 made compatible with Perl 5.004 again (sorry I don't have 5.004 at hand
 and noone reported the problems before releasing 0.7.12 to general
 Improved compatibility with some BSD versions (using sockaddr_in() instead of pack())

Version - 3/17/2002
 very small and very important fix.
 Don't tell me I'm stupid. I know it.
 Pleae don't use 0.7.12 and 0.7.13

 internal only, BETA versions. Please do not use.

Version 0.7.14 - 6/6/2002
 added ESMTP authentication (LOGIN, PLAIN, CRAM-MD5)
 docs tuneup
 various small fixes

Version 0.8.00

Version 0.8.01
 internal only, please do not use
 fixed problems with PerlIO and ascii-mode sockets under windows with Perl 5.8

Version 0.8.03 - 12/29/2002
 - added NTLM authentication
 - send_cmd (internal function for sending commands to the server) checks for
   broken connections
 - reverted the server response tests
   (instead of /^[45]/ (server reported an error)
   I use now !/^[123]/ (server reported success) )
 - some documentation fixes and additions

Version 0.8.04 - 01/08/2003
 - fixed typo causing the "Unknown PerlIO layer 'raw:perlio' at .../Mail/ line 21"
 - fixed incorrect handling of halfhour timezones

Version 0.8.05 - 03/01/2003
 - new Mail::Sender ({..., die_on_errors => 1});

Version 0.8.06 - 03/24/2003
 - new Mail::Sender ({..., on_errors => 'die'});
 - new Mail::Sender ({..., on_errors => 'undef'});
 - new Mail::Sender ({..., on_errors => 'code'});
 - A small fix for an issue with nested parts on the courier-imap server (whatever it is).

Version 0.8.08
	- fixed an error in SendEx() causing problems with qmail
		(thanks to report&help from "Luciano Bueno " <>)
	- added debugging levels
	- added an option that tells Mail::Sender to ignore rejected recipients
	- you can now overwrite the message-id generation function
	- added two addins improving the content type guesswork
	- added TestServer method/function
	- improved handling of the last newline in quoted-printable encoded parts
	  (the Outlook problem with = appearing at the end of attached files)

Version 0.8.09
	- private

Version 0.8.10
	- use
	  in preference to
		(gethostbyname 'localhost')[0]
	  as the local name if none is specified by the user
	- fixed half-hour timezone handling
	- fixed
		to => [list, of, addresses]
	- fixed "incorrect server name" handling (previous versions did not
	  report the problem correctly in all cases
	- untaining the IP address of the SMTP server in all cases
	- fixed a problem that caused rare doubling of dots in quoted-printable encoded parts.
	- various doc improvements