Revision history for XML-Rules

0.01	2006-10-9
        First version, not released on an unsuspecting world.

0.03	2006-10-29
		First working version

0.04	2006-11-06
		Added support for '.attrname', '+attrname' and '*attrname'
		Silenced POD and POD-coverage tests

0.05	2006-11-07
		Added "Start Tag" Rules to allow optional skipping of branches

0.09	2006-11-12
		Added filter mode

0.12	2006-12-27
		Fixed some errors in escaping output
		Added automatic encoding of data

0.13	2006-12-28
		Added tests for encode parameter, XML output and filter style

0.14	2007-01-22
		Fixed boilerplate.t
		Simplified filtering into a string

0.15	not sure
		Added namespace handling

0.16	not sure
		Added pretty-printing

0.17	2007-02-12
		Finished the namespace handling and pretty-printing, including tests