# $Id: Changes,v 1.22 2002/07/18 11:50:20 jesse Exp $

Revision history for Perl extension CGI::Application.

0.01  Mon Jul  3 20:40:30 2000
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19

1.0   Mon Jul  10 23:47:30 2000
	- Release 1.0 complete.  Woohoo!

1.1   Tue Jul 11 22:59:17 EDT 2000
	- Tweaked test.pl to avoid CGI.pm command line debugging interface 
          which requires user to hit CTRL-D to continue
	- Added ANNOUNCE file.

1.2   Fri Jul 14 01:49:30 EDT 2000
	- Modified load_tmpl() to pass extra params to HTML::Template->new_file().
	- Fixed up the docs a bit.
	- Minor code clean-up.

1.3   Sun May 20 18:48:36 EDT 2001
	- Enhanced capabilities for creating general superclasses for your projects.
	- All run modes may be referenced by method name, in addition to subref.
	- Created cgiapp_init() hook to allow for inherited common behaviors.
	- Fixed minor bugs in default values.

1.31  Mon May 28 14:06:16 EDT 2001
	- Updated docs to favor new name-based run-mode method references.

2.0   Sun Jun 24 23:01:58 EDT 2001
	- Added ability to set mode_param() to use a call-back instance method
	  (specified by subref) instead of a CGI parameter.
	- HTML::Template is now only loaded if load_tmpl() is called.
	  (Thanks to Stephen Howard for the two preceding ideas!)
	- Run-modes may now return scalar-refs in addition to scalars.
	- Added new run-mode of last resort: "AUTOLOAD".  See POD for usage.
	- Updated MAJOR REVISION number to 2 -- new functionality deserves it.

2.1   Sat Aug 11 12:57:49 EDT 2001
	- The param() method has been extended to allow multiple parameters
	  to be set at one time, via a hash (or hashref).
	- Fixed bug in run() method where a null-string run-mode would be
	  considered valid.  A zero-length run-mode will now result in the 
	  start_mode() being called.
	  (Thanks to Mark Stosberg for the two preceding ideas!)
	- The run_mode() method now may be called a subsequent time to 
	  amend the list of run-modes.

2.2   Sun Aug 19 12:20:21 EDT 2001
	- Added new module CGI::Application::Mailform as both an 
	  example of how to use CGI::Application and a useful
	  (albeit simple) reusable web-based application.
	- CGI::Application::Mailform allows the contents of 
	  data submitted through HTML forms to be easily sent
	  via email to a specified recipient.  This application 
	  is intended to be very easy to reuse, yet secure
	  and functional enough to replace some of the most
	  onerous "mailform" scripts which have been floating
	  around the Internet for ages. 
	- Added cgiapp_prerun() hook, for adding global behaviors 
	  before the run-mode method is called.  The cgiapp_prerun()
	  gets the name of the run-mode as a parameter.  This would
	  allow the user to perform some action based on the
	  current run-mode.

2.3   Mon May  6 07:12:09 EDT 2002
	- Fixed minor bug in build system for older Perl versions.

2.4   Sat May 25 13:32:44 EDT 2002
	- Modified tmpl_path() to propagate to HTML::Template's PATH
	  parameter.  This provides much more useful and intuitive 
	  behavior.  Thanks to Sam Tregar for the patch!
	- Added prerun_mode() method to allow the run-mode to be
	  dynamically changed inside the cgiapp_prerun() method.  
	  Thanks to Steve Comrie for the suggestion of using a 
	  method call for this function.  Thanks to many other list 
	  members for further refining this idea.
	- Refactored some test cases, general code clean-up.
	- Refactored POD a bit to make it less intimidating for
	  new users.

2.5   Thu Jul 18 07:45:47 EDT 2002
	- Changed mailing list address.  The new mailing list address.
	  To subscribe: cgiapp-subscribe@lists.erlbaum.net
	  To post message: cgiapp@lists.erlbaum.net