0.60507 (7 May 2006)

* Pod fixes from Eric Wilhelm
  lib/Jifty/Object.pm - removed incorrect '=for' directive
  lib/Jifty/Web/Form/Field.pm - removed incorrect '=for' directive
  lib/Jifty/Web/Form.pm - removed incorrect '=for' directive

* Better failure messages on when schema upgrades with SQLite fail from Alex Vandiver
   * Be a little more explicit about SQLite's limitation, and a possible
     (painful) workaround
* Update the inc tree to 0.62 for various fixes,
   in particular improved share_dir compatibility. --Audrey Tang

* We were inconsistently using Jifty::Util::make_path as a subroutine. It's a class method.
  This could break the stub generators and tutorial.  Thanks to Sean E. Millichamp

0.60505 - Cinco de Jifty! (5 May 2006)

  * Native support for times and timezones.

  * Bug fixes (Many contributors)

  * Documentation updates (Many contributors)

  * Win32 Support (Audrey Tang)

  * New Session layer based on Jifty instead of Apache::Session.
    Designed for AJAX and Continations (alexmv)

  * Jifty internal metadata store (The begining of an internal configuration
    management system (alexmv)

  * Form fields no longer automatically insert the field name by itself
    as a class.  Instead, the class has changed to "argument-<fieldname>"
	to avoid conflicts with generic class names (such as date).

  * Move allow and deny'ing of actions into Jifty::API; this breaks
    backwards compatibility.

  * Don't allow applications to be named "Jifty" by default.  They are
    forced to be named "JiftyApp" now, for namespace reasons.

  * Remove Jifty->web->actions method; you should be using
    Jifty::Form's actions method.

  * Beginning of localization support.

  * Notifications can now take a user object or an email address

  * "sort order for arguments" patch, as suggested by miyagawa.  This
    makes use of sort_order column property of Jifty::DBI

  * YAML -> Jifty::YAML

  * Switch from Time::ParseDate to Date::Manip, since the former isn't
    win32 compatible

  * Shuffle the Mason and static handlers into Jifty::View namespace

  * Jifty no longer attempts to AJAX submit file upload fields

  * We no longer write DefaultStaticRoot and DefaultTemplateRoot into
    config files

  * Added a "LogLevel" option to the Jifty config file, so you can
    more easily enable debug logging.


  * 'return if already_run' in after rules so they run only once

  * Overhauled the static server to try really hard to force caching
    by clients.  It also gzips its content, if possible.

  * More stylish forms

  * Allow Jifty->web->return( to => "..default path..", ...)

  * Actually accept region names to refresh

  * Halo improvements

  * chromatic supplied a patch to switch from UNIVERSAL::isa to ->isa.

  * Trivial webservices hack

  * It's now possible to override Jifty::Record's baseclass in your


  * Use Jifty::Util->require to log require errors

  * Auto-generate Bootstrap class

  * Give us a way to get the CurrentUser from a Mech object during

  * When calling a continuation, try to make sure that the urls are
    really different, not just differently canonicalized, lest we get
    an infinite loop

  * Default to not showing debug logs

  * Fragments in JS land now know about their parents, and pass their
    superstructure in the fragment request.  This lets $region->parent
    have full information.

  * 'refresh => region' mode for replacement

  * Better docs on region replacement

  * add_* calls on Jifty::Request now return the object added, not the


  * Jifty::Dispatcher written

  * Jifty::Handler is now an object, not a utility. It has the power
    to "run" a request.

  * Call chain is now Handler to Dispatcher, which calls Jifty::Web
    and Mason, instead of the other way around.

  * Better Documentation coverage.

  * Paint on some really bitchin 'go faster' stripes on the server.

  * Refactored the dispatcher to use exceptions rather than LABELS: so
    that Devel::DProf doesn't fall over

  * Added a new "DevelMode" flag, to toggle the peformance-killing
    development aids.

  * Only drop tables if the tests all succeeded

  * Fragments now go through the dispatcher

  * `jifty schema` overhaul

  * Mandatory form fields now have a css marker.

  * Do away with setup_actions mason method

  * Stop using mason notes

  * Jifty::Script::Schema support for basic mysql love

  * lighttpd support.

  * Move autocomplete.xml and validator.xml to __jifty/.

  * Upgrade to Scriptaculous 1.5.1.

  * Delete is its own action now, instead of being part of Update.


 * Jifty::Action->argument_names should sort keys lexographically, not
   random hash-ordering.

 * Remove last vestiges of ::Delete from ::Update

 * Refactored Jifty::Config to allow the application class to be
   specified when calling Config->guess

 * Refactored Jifty::Script::App into bite-sized morsels

 * Made Jifty::Script::App generate a config file

 * Made Jifty::Script::App and Jifty::Config::Guess happy with
   multi-level package names

0.51225 - Initial release