Revision history for Alien-ImageMagick

0.07    2016-03-02
        Make sure that Alien::Base::ModuleBuild is correctly specified as a configure_requires. Thanks @plicease
        PR #2

0.05    2015-02-08
        No requirement for shared lib perl. See RT#95322
        Bumped up Alien::Base dependency.

0.04    2015-01-29
        Moved pod tests to xt. see RT#101448

0.03    2014-09-20
        Fixed dynamic linking to build-dir libraries. see RT#98979

        Completed history. see RT#98978

0.02    2014-08-30
        Install ImageMagick binary utilities in an accessible place
        for perlbrew. see RT#96475

0.01    2014-05-03

        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.