1.1800: Thu Jun  4 21:44:59 EDT 2009
   - jettero started pulling in his changes.

1.17  2006-10-11
      - Beta/Developer release -> production

1.16_1 2006-10-02
      - Beta Release
      - Added debugging
      - Upgraded imap.pl example script
      - Updated documentation
      - Added a few patches here and there

1.16  2006-06-13
    - Multiple bugs identified by nate@cs.wisc.edu. Patch provided by Nate.
      Nate also provided new release tests - thanks man.

1.15  2005-11-21
    - Added mailboxes_subscribed() function introduced by John Cappiello.
      This function provides a method for retreiving a list of mailboxes
      which the user has subscribed to. This differs from the mailboxes()
      function in that with the mailboxes() function all mailboxes are
      returned, regardless ass to whether or not the user has subscribed
      to them.

1.14  2005-10-01
    - Fixed error in sample code within the POD documentation
      identified by Matthew S. Hallacy

1.13  2005-09-28
    - Versioning schema changed to use CVS versioning rather than
      hard coded versioning. This is to address issues some people
      are having with bug tracking and package management tools.

0.105 2005-09-28
    - Fixed syntax problem in the bindaddr option. Thanks
      Dagobert Michelsen for pointing this out.

0.104 2005-08-06
    - Fixed major bug discovered in get() and getfh() which caused
      message lines to be dropped if they started with an "*"

0.103 2005-07-10
    - Fixed error in select() identified by Guido Kerkewitz and
      Jonathan B. Glatt
    - Added folder_subscribe() and folder_unsubscribe() functions
      provided by Guido Kerkewitz.

0.102 2005-06-25
    - Fixed protocol error identified within the expunge_mailbox()
      function. (Thanks alot to William Faulk for pointing this out)
    - Fixed bugs in the sample imap.pl script provided.
    - Added flags() and recent() routines
    - Added current_box() function
    - Added use_select_cache and select_cache_ttl options. These
      options will allow you to enable internal caching for
      select() operations.

0.101 2005-01-06
    - Fixed bug which resulted in inconsistant results from login()

0.100 2005-14-05
    - Fixed dates in Changes file
    - Fixed IMAP protocol error identified by John A. Murphy
    - Changed behavior of login() to only return true or false.
      This change means that to get the current number of messages
      in a users INBOX folder you will need to preform a simple
      $imap->select("INBOX") after successfully logging in.
    - Added messages() function
    - Added the frame work within select() to provide more detailed
      information about the current IMAP framework

0.99  2005-28-04
    - Added multi-line header patch for bug discovered in top(),
      thanks Sergey Mudrik for pointing this out.

0.98  2005-27-04
    - Minor document changes
    - Fixed implimentation bug with the new option set

0.97  2005-26-04
    - Added patch submitted by LTHEGLER to address the multiple
      line output problem.

0.96  2005-26-04
    - Took over module development (Colin Faber)
    - Fixed synopsis to provide a functional example (Colin Faber)
    - Added error handling (Colin Faber)
    - Added IPv6 support (Colin Faber)
    - Added port, timeout, use_v6, retry, retry_delay and bindaddr
      options to the object creation method.

0.95  2004-06-09
    - Accept port configuration (Matt Bradford).
    - Documentation overhaul (Casey West).
    - Huge internal code overhaul (Casey West).
    - Implemented expunge_mailbox() (Florin Andrei).

0.94  Thu May 20 15:24:21 EDT 2004
    - Taken by Casey West.
    - Quoted the password argument to login() when sending
      to IMAP LOGIN command.
    - Added arguments for searching in paths and for mailboxes
      in the mailboxes() command.
    - Distribution clean up.

0.93  Thu Dec 16 16:15:00 1999
	- LIST ... {\d}\r\nmailbox parsing in mailboxes()
        - better escaping of \" e \\
          (Netscape server doesn't put the \\ in the mailbox name. Why?)

0.92  Tue Dec 13 15:07:00 1999
	- seen method
        - \r\n as EOL. Thanks to Edward Chao!
        - \" escaping. Thanks to Edward Chao!

0.91  Tue Nov  9 11:41:00 1999
	- getfh method
        - fixed bugs in the documentation(!!!)

0.90  Wed Nov  3 15:29:13 1999
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18