Revision history for Perl extension DateTime::Event::Sunrise.

0.0506  Thu 2020-07-09
        - add trace statements to better understand how the computation works.
        - overhaul the precise algorithm.
        - check the precise algorithm against data from the NOAA solar calculator and from Stellarium (ticket 132336)
	- a better fix for ticket 110016, to make the algorithm really converge toward the proper value.

0.0505  Mon 2015-12-07
        - Fix ticket 110016, to prevent endless loops
          (thank you
          Actually a stop-gap measure, until the overhaul of the precise algorithm.

0.0504  Thu 2014-07-24
        - add the "is_polar_night", "is_polar_day" and "is_day_and_night" boolean methods,
          one half of fixing ticket RT91783
        - add a "silent" build parameter, which removes the warnings about the sun never rising / never setting
          the other half of fixing ticket RT91783
        - add a test file for the parameter checking

0.0503  Thu 2013-10-17
        - stylistic and kwalitee issues: license, dependencies, use warnings
        - fix typos in the comments and POD and use UTF-8
        - fix _following_sunrise, _previous_sunrise, _following_sunset, _previous_sunset (ticket 36352)
        - deprecate "iteration" keyword, replaced by "precise" (ticket 77710)
        - allow any height, not only the standard ones (ticket 8065)
        - add an "upper_limb" parameter
        - some test data are computed by a C program based on Paul Schlyter's code

0.0502  Mon 2013-07-08
        - fixed computation error visible on 19, 20, 21 and 22 March (tickets 34770, 55762 and 75927)
        - improve object class check (ticket 7605)
        - a few words in POD about polar night and midnight sun

0.0501  Wed Mar 31 2004
        - added fix for DateTime-Set after 0.1402
        - I had to remove one test (the span set test) I need to check
          to see what is going on I think I need to rewrite this test

0.05    Fri Jan 9 2004
       - Added sunrise_sunset_span method. This will return rise/set time
         for one day (as a span object). Request # 4785 on
         Added sunrise_datetime, sunset_datetime method.

0.0402  Tues, Nov 25 2003
       - Changed the convert_hour to convert to seconds (as a duration)
         Then add the duration to the day. This will provide seconds for
         the DateTime Object.
       - Added many tests (Cities around the world). I have verified the
         entries in the data section of the tests within +- 2 min. using
         the information from the Naval Observatory (

0.0401  Thurs Oct 8 2003
       - changed the _sunrise sub to include the timezone information
       - (I don't like the way I did this needs more research)

0.04   Fri May 30 7:40 2003
       - Fixed a bug in _sunrise
         The problem was I was setting the hours/min for the rise/set times
         I needed to create a duration and add the duration to the DateTime

0.03   Tues April 29 14:00 2003
       - initial release to CPAN

0.02   Mon April 21 13:20:00 2003
        - doc tweaks. Flavio S. Glock
        - renamed sun_rise_set to sunrise_sunset
        - gets methods from DateTime::Set

0.01   Mon Mar 21 10:01:50 2003
        - original version; created by Ron Hill