Revision history for Perl extension Algorithm::Networksort.

0.01  Fri Jan 24 23:55:59 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-X -nAlgorithm::Networksort
1.00  Fri Oct 17 2003
	- Released.
1.01  Sat Oct 25 2003
	- Stupid error in my test scripts prevented them from
	  reading the file.  Fixed.
1.02  Tue Dec 9 2003
	- Little document formating errors bother me.
	- Another stupid error.  Function nw_text_graph(), used
	  by nw_graph(), was printing directly, not returning a
	  string.  It's an old function, that's how it originally
	  was designed.
	- Added the graphing options (hz_margin, indent, etc.)
	  to nw_graph().
	- Merged in the nw_group_parallel() function (moved from in the eg subdirectory) into nw_group(),
	  fairly painlessly as it turned out.
1.03   Sat Dec 13 2003
	- Added 'title' to the eps and svg graphing options.
1.04   Sun Dec 14 2003
	- Added 'namespace' to the svg graphing options.  Added
	  it to the script in the eg subdirectory.
1.05   Thu Jan 22 2004
	- Missing namespace in ending </g> tag for inputline definition.
	- For some reason, I took the input value for hibbard() and
	  batcher() to be the bit count, and restricted it to 32.  I
	  claim tiredness and caffeine overload.  The restriction is
	  removed, and you could have an input of 2**32 if you want,
	  although you'd be waiting a long time for a result.
	- Fixed L<> tags in the documentation.
	- In the eg directory, renamed to, and added for the XHTML version.
1.06	Sun Jan 16 2005
	- Made some code changes to allow running this module under
	  perl 5.005.
	- Added to the SEE ALSO section a link to Joe Celko's
	  article in  Bose-Nelson in SQL!
	- Updated the link to Ian Parberry's article.
	Mon Mar 21 2005
	- Removed a redundant check for an empty network in nw_format()
	  in the default format section.
	Tue May 23 2006
	- Changed arrangement of files to default layout by Module::Build.
	- Added the Meta.yml and Build.PL files.
	- Changed test files to use Test::Simple.
	Fri Jun 2 2006
	- Added pod.t.
	- Typo fix in pod (itme instead of item).  Fixed stale links.
	- It looks like the Forbes D. Lewis article, "Sorting Networks"
	  has vanished altogether.  Removed it from the See Also section.
	Wed Jul 26 2006
	- Split the batcher.t, best.t, bn.t, and hibbard.t files into
	  two.  I'm trying to  cut down the time-to-finish length, which
	  some test environments don't handle well ("Is this test done
	  yet?  I'm bored.")
	Wed Sep 13 2006
	- Added color components, although no actual colors are set yet
	  except for 'foreground'.
	- Changed the text graph option names 'fromcomp' and 'tocomp'
	  to 'compbegin' and 'compend' to make them consistant with the
	  input line names 'inputbegin' and 'inputend'.  These names
	  get adopted by the color option hash.
	Fri Sep 15 2006
	- SVG output now has colors.
1.07	Tue Feb 13 2007
	- SVG-aware browsers are better at parsing, which means that my
	  output needs to be improved.  Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox
	  now parse without errors.  I am not certain that the namespace
	  option works well enough.
	- Changed the example that used the SVG output, which was based on
	  an older version of the Adobe SVG plugin, and which is not current.
	- In the interests of code clarity, made use of q and qq operators
	  instead of quotes and escaped quotes.
	- Split the test files even further.