Revision history for perl distribution DOCSIS-ConfigFile

0.76 2018-10-03T20:01:31+0900
 - Remove DOCSIS::ConfigFile::Syminfo
 - Add missing "ushort_list" encode and decode function
 - Add support for encoding and decoding "SubMgmtFilters" #14

0.75 2018-06-12T11:09:15+0800
 - Add support for "-o" parameter for bundled script

0.74 2018-06-08T11:20:12+0800
 - Bundled script to encode/decode from command line

0.73 2017-08-22T20:55:16+0200
 - Fix invalid test in longdschannellist.t

0.72 2017-08-22T20:47:24+0200
 - Add missing Types for TLV 202 #9
 - Will die when pack()-ing invalid length

0.71 2016-12-11T10:08:41+0100
 - Fix encoding config with IpTos #jhthorsen/app-docsisious#2

0.70 2015-10-15T01:30:14+0200
 - Add support for decode_docsis \$path_to_file
 - Remove deprecated methods

0.69 2015-04-07T21:13:47Z
 - MtaConfigDelimiter is optional when creating MTA config files
 - Add support for eRouter MangemnetServer TLV #5 Contributor: Josh Galvez

0.68 2015-01-05T10:15:21Z
 - Add configuration tree structure to DOCSIS::ConfigFile::Syminfo pod
 - Require Perl 5.10.1

0.67 2015-01-05T02:34:42Z
 - Add test for handling of 0x0A value in VendorSpecific Contributor:, RT#87812

0.66 2015-01-05T02:09:43Z
 - Fix SnmpCpeAccessControl should be uchar instead of uint Contributor:
   Josh Galvez, RT#99468
 - Use Digest::SHA instead of Digest::SHA1 Contributor:, RT#87814

0.65 2015-01-05T02:01:30Z
 - New API: Will deprecate object oriented API with function based
 - Add decode_docsis() and encode_docsis()
 - Add DOCSIS related MIB files
 - Add debug output with DOCSIS_CONFIGFILE_DEBUG
 - Add support for string OID with optional dependency

0.64 2013-08-16T23:33:13Z
 - Fix handling of 0x0a value in vendorspec()
 - Add support for VendorSpecific TLVs in Service Flow configuration.
   Contributor Dušan Dragić

0.6302 2013-07-25T21:56:00Z
 - Fix RT83013: Using the right value when checking high/low values

0.6301 2013-07-25T21:12:15Z
 - Fix RT87301: "return" binds stronger than "or". Contributor

0.63 2012-10-10T00:49:37Z
 - Fix RT72511 Contributor

0.62 2012-04-29T10:56:44Z
 - Add SnmpCpeAccessControl to Syminfo Contributor: Elliot

0.61 2011-10-03T21:58:40Z
 - Fix RT70882: ServiceClassName need to be zero-terminated This is
   optional in input data structure and removed/not visible in decoded tree

0.6004 2010-09-12T21:51:02Z
 - Fix #61267: Encode::int() fails on 64b systems: 1234567890 >> 8 ==
   72057594033105405 != 11954685

0.6003 2010-09-05T20:38:25Z
 - Fix uint() cannot return negative integers Contributor: canni
 - Add int() to handle (possible) signed integers Contributor: canni
 - Fix Decode::string() decodes % as %25
 - Add no_value() dec/encode function
 - Change and to confess on errors
 - Change add_symbol() will confess if the symbol already exists
 - Change Encode functions return a list (wantarray is history)
 - Change examples/ is renamed and use JSON instead of YAML. Might
   change to Config::Any in the future.

0.6002 2010-09-04T11:34:58Z
 - Fix dump_symbol_tree() can print large numbers
 - Fix dump_symbol_tree() can also follow "vendorspec"
 - Fix remove duplicates from Syminfo table

0.6001 2010-09-04T04:02:29Z
 - Fix use Carp qw/.../
 - Add support for Syminfo->dump_symbol_tree()
 - Restructured symbol table and documentation
 - Don't need Data::Dumper to run tests

0.60 2010-09-04T00:26:27Z
 - Fix uninitialized warnings in Decode::uint() Contributor: canni
 - Change from logger() and errors() to carp() and confess()
 - Add Encode::mic() to avoid warnings about Undefined decode function for
   PCODE/CODE (0/255)

0.5901 2010-04-03T13:04:38Z
 - Update t/
 - Update Changes
 - Fix dist structure

0.59 2010-01-23T10:19:00Z
 - Fix symbol table is read from a string

0.58 2009-12-08T22:45:00Z
 - Fix 01-pod-coverage.t

0.57 2009-11-08T16:52:00Z
 - Fix decode of uint

0.56 2009-04-07T15:41:00Z
 - Add decoding of TLV64
 - Fix string(): better detection for hexstrings
 - Add add_symbol() for custom syminfo symbols

0.54 2009-01-08T23:00:00Z
 - Fix SNMP objects starting with "0x30 0x82 ... " fail to decode
 - Update POD and formatting of code

0.52 2008-04-14T12:40:00Z
 - Fix undefined $VERSION.

0.51 2008-04-14T00:19:00Z
 - Update POD

0.50 2008-04-13T21:15:00Z
 - Fix RT34547 should be able to handle ->unlimited values :)
 - Fix RT34548 no warnings when decoding CmMic and CmtsMic
 - Update 10-encode-decode test
 - Change output format: hex-values start with '0x'

0.40 2007-12-05T11:23:00Z
 - Hopefully made a decent release for CPAN.
 - Add example script  which should be quite useful:

0.30 2007-12-04T22:32:00Z
 - Update encode/decode test.
 - API change: not compatible with old version.
 - Add support for normal/advanced output. (Sorry for the version jump -
   Really bad typo)

0.02 2007-12-04T16:10:00Z
 - Add deps to makefile.
 - Change error reporting to Log4perl.
 - Add encode/decode test.
 - Move syminfo to DOCSIS::ConfigFile::Syminfo.
 - Update POD.

0.01 2007-12-03T23:49:00Z
 - First release of DOCSIS::ConfigFile