Revision history for perl distribution JSON-Validator

0.52 2015-09-05T13:52:39+0200
 - Add guessing of schema type, based on other attributes
 - More strict on what is validated as "boolean"
 - Fix additionalItems are allowed by default
 - Fix additionalProperties allows a schema which should validate
 - Fix validating "enum"
 - Fix validating "array" against "additionalItems"
 - Fix bugs after running to validate

0.51 2015-08-24T16:19:06+0200
 - Fix "$ref" pointing to a file on disk #1

0.50 2015-08-23T15:07:08+0200
 - Fix missing namespace when registering new document
 - Made cache_dir() public
 - Bundled spec for json-schema and swagger

0.49 2015-08-23T00:51:08+0200
 - Fix loading schema from files

0.48 2015-08-22T21:23:55+0200
 - Merged core functionality from Swagger2 and Swagger2::SchemaValidator
   into this module, JSON::Validator
   See for
   previous Changes (<=0.47)
 - Fix coercing collectionFormat strings into integers and numbers
 - Add support for reading schemas from __DATA__ section