Revision history for Basset

1.04	06/08/2007
		+ Basset::Template
			- lots of modifications

1.03	04/27/2006

		In addition to the usual bug fixes and optimizations and such, this stuff is important:

		+ Basset::Object
			- flipped the precedence on class attributes so that conf values take precedence over passed in values at add.
			- No longer relies upon import to set default values
			- added new and improved add_attr syntax
			- added new and far more efficient accessor methods
			- added attributes & is_attribute for introspection
			- can no longer wrapper attributes, only methods
			- the initializer can now take defaults from an initial hashref. Read the docs for new.
			- added defaults to the conf file, rendering a default file unnecessary.
			- made the inherits method obsolete
			- removed escape_for_html (moved into Basset::Template)
		+ Basset::Object::Persistent
			- ripped out the group syntax (toldja it'd go)
			- added primary & non primary attributes, which are experimental
			- removed the on_load and on_commit wrappers and related miscellanea
			- added the _isa_committing_accessor in their place
			- improved internal definition of uniqueness, useful for objects tied to multiple tables
			- added the force_arrayref loader flag
			- iced load_by_user
		+ Basset::Machine
			- properly subclassed from the abstract object type
			- added the extractor component, and related methods
		+ Basset::Object::Conf
			- read_conf_files now takes key/value pairs
			- clarifications to the grammar
		+ Basset::DB
			- now disconnects (with a warning!) when a failed transaction ends its way down to an empty stack.
			- only wipes & disconnects if it has a handle.
		+ Basset::Template
			- updated pod to reflect new default tags
			- added pipe_flags (yeah, yeah, deviates from pure perl)
			- templates starting with / now are assumed to sit off the document root.
			- removed the esape_html flag (use a pipe_flag instead)
			- you no longer need to populate the default tags in your conf file
			- now includes escape_for_html ( | h) and escape_for_url ( | u)
		+ Basset::DB::Table
			- now does not create attributes by default.

1.02	05/06/2005
		+ Basset::DB
			- added the recreate_handle method
		+ Basset::Object::Persistent
			- minor optimizations
			- added a few omitted error codes
			- newly overriden copy method
			- fixed a bug where primary columns wouldn't always be aliased
			- replaced explicit load_all calls with load_where calls
			- added load_one_where
			- driver now doesn't ping on the command line, always pings in mod_perl
		+ Basset::Object
			- minor optimizations
			- inlined classes no longer muck up %INC
			- pkg_for_type no longer caches
		+ Basset::Template
			- moved the default attribute definitions out of the conf file and into the module.
			  (smaller default conf file, values can still be overridden in conf)
		+ Basset::Machine
			- added
		+ Basset::Machine::State
			- added
1.01	04/20/2005
		+ Basset::DB::Table
			- added attributes_to_create, attributes_not_to_create, create_attributes flags
			- added omit_columns_from_tables flag to multiselect_query
			- qualify_name now accepts an array of colum names
		+ Basset::Object::Persistent
			- removed options and methods to cache objects (cache_object flag, etc.)
			- removed perl_read_translation/perl_write_translation & import_from_db/export_to_db
			  they are replaced with wrappers.
			- added the on_load_* and on_commit_* methods
			- Now expects attributes to be populated from Basset::DB::Table objects
			- cleaned up the relationship and instantiation code
			- load now uses load_where
			- load_all can accept the in_query flag.
			- added the local_driver attribute
			- has_many will now subclass rlt tables on the fly
		+ Basset::Object
			- exceptions now croak instead of dying (requires Carp)
			- Now uses Basset::Container::Hash for hashes in trickled class attributes.
			- New instantiator
			- Uses an import method to read in class defaults from the conf file
			- attributes using an internal accessor now use the attribute value itself
			  as the internal key inside the hash.
			- error now takes a 4th argument to always die with an exception
			- added wrappers
			- added the load_pkg method to load up a class
			- slightly faster initializer
		* minor bug fixes, speed boosts, tweaks
1.00    04/20/2004
        Initial public release. More good things to come later.