Revision history for Perl extension App::Followme

1.98 2021-02-22T21:56:55Z
    - Rewrote code that removes site url from pod links
    - Updated all tests to use absolute filenames to avoid problems
    - Fixed bugs in
    - Removed cwd and getcwd from software and tests where it was not needed
    - Create one level of directory when writing file if not present

1.97 2021-02-17T14:10:47Z
    - Modified test for format_date to work with different locales
    - Rewrote to us object polymorphism when creating files 
    - Rewrote to write help files to a single existing directory
    - Made Image::Size a required package

1.96 2021-02-04T13:55:26Z
    - Rewrote sort code
    - Added variables $extension and @related_files
    - Rewrote gallery template to use new css
    - Added
    - Configuration files now use yaml format
    - Added code to read and write yaml and xml

1.95 2020-08-04T15:32:22Z
	- more changes to tests to make them portable
	- redid style sheets, templates, and index.html file
	- change functional test directory name from archive to essays 

1.94 2020-05-11T14:05:39Z
	- set permissions on directory when creating files for testing
	- set file modify times instead of sleeping in tests
	- make Text::Markdown a required module
	- add system error message to file write error message

1.93 2020-05-02T14:45:16Z
	- revised css for single column site and removed javascript
	- CreateGallery no longer resizes images, must be done externally
	- revised templates to use semantic html
	- fixed typos in POD documentation

1.92 2016-09-18T00:10:22Z
    - Fixes to pass tests on Windows and BSD

1.91 2016-09-02T19:08:15Z
    - Added required Perl Modules to cpanfile
    - Fixes for PodData

1.90 2016-08-29T00:26:28Z
    - First beta release for version 2. Code entirely rewritten.

1.16 2015-09-10T00:35:31Z
    - New initial website
    - make photo resize optional in gallery
    - added breadcrumb urls
    - added class UploadLocal

1.15 2015-06-08T23:01:40Z
    - made Test::Requires a requirement

1.14 2015-06-06T10:47:19Z
    - revised tests to use Test::Requires

1.13 2015-06-04T23:12:11Z
    - make other modules optional

1.12 2015-05-25T00:22:22Z
    - updated code to generate initial website
    - added CreateGallery module to create photo galleries
    - added EditSections module to edit section tags on website
    - added script to modify initial website

1.11 2014-12-08T00:04:05Z
    - modified UploadSite: cd to top directory before run
    - modified UploadSite: fix checksum computation

1.10 2014-05-05T15:26:10Z
    - updated template handling code to match Template::Twostep
    - change get_template to use current version of file to be rendered

1.09 2014-04-21T23:40:09Z
    - Fixed typos
    - added each command to Template

1.07 2014-04-11T23:06:54Z
    - Updated documentation
    - Changed tests for better error reporting

1.06 2014-04-05T22:24:20Z
    - Bug fix, moved check for file existence in is_newer
    - Separated news index creation into its own method, create_news_indexes

1.05 2014-04-03T23:29:36Z
    - Rewrote is_newer, deleted index_is_newer
    - Added newlines to end of lines in parse_section

1.04 2014-03-30T22:42:16Z
    - Revised and corrected documentation
    - Rewrote object creation code
    - Changed calling sequence to most_recent_file
    - Moved match_file out of visit
    - Replaced EveryFile with ConfiguredObject
    - Renamed HandleSite to Module
    - Revised code in index_is_newer

1.03 2014-03-08T23:46:39Z
    - Check for undefined names in same_file, return false if found
    - Fixed bug in get_excluded_directories, wrong parameter used
    - Removed the Mock package
    - New module to replace Mock, CreateSitemap
    - Simplify templates produced by --init flag

1.02 2014-03-07T00:02:15Z
    - Rewrote UpdateFtp and modified UpdateSite

1.01 2014-03-04T00:32:07Z
    - Add a config file for current directory to list of config files

1.00 2014-03-03T02:27:05Z
    - Fixed typo in update_folder run_after vs run_before

0.99 2014-03-02T23:26:27Z
    - Bug fix in calculating topmost configuration parameters

0.98 2014-03-02T00:52:26Z
    - Added UploadSite module and UploadFtp and UploadNone submodules
    - Changed configuration parameter module to run_before and run_after

0.97 2014-02-04T00:00:20Z
    - Replaced templating code and reorganized classes

0.96 2014-01-17T00:13:48Z
    - Get title from body and create summary in App::Followme::CreateNews

0.95 2014-01-01T14:31:16Z
    - Changes to make filename handling OS independent

0.94 2013-12-26T00:54:19Z
    - Text files are now converted to html by Markdown
    - Compute title from header where possible, compute summary
    - Fixed some OS dependencies

0.93 2013-12-22T19:54:25Z
    - Rewritten as a set of classes derived from App::Followme::Everyfile

0.92 2013-11-07T23:55:46Z
    - Replaced rm -rf with rmtree for os independence

0.91 2013-11-01T23:02:43Z
    - Rewrote build_url

0.90 2013-10-28T22:22:09Z
    - Rewritten

0.89 2013-09-17T23:33:43Z
    - Fixed error in template creation in site_update

0.88 2013-09-14T16:05:58Z
    - Moved modification date reset into update_site, where it needs to be

0.87 2013-09-13T23:54:08Z
    - Set modification date of existing file back to previous valye

0.86 2013-09-12T23:53:41Z
    - Fixed code assuming directory separator is slash

0.85 2013-09-10T23:30:29Z
    - Better OS Independent tests

0.84 2013-09-08T19:20:54Z
    - Fix for bug in all_indexes: abs2rel called with undef argument

0.83 2013-09-08T00:15:00Z
    - OS independent filename handling

0.82 2013-09-05T22:16:59Z
    - Added make_relative and absolute_url config option

0.81 2013-09-02T22:26:59Z
    - Do not delete leading digits from title if title is all digits

0.80 2013-08-29T22:50:14Z
    - Increased sleep times between creating files for tests

0.79 2013-08-26T22:16:58Z
    - Removed compile test

0.78 2013-08-17T20:28:34Z
    - Changed begin/end comments to section/endsection

0.77 2013-08-17T15:19:16Z
    - fixed time zone depndent test
    - added new blocks to templates

0.76 2013-08-16T22:23:24Z
    - feature complete release