Revision history for DBIx-Class-Migration

0.037   10 January 2013
        - Fixed regression introduced in v0.036 where non SQLite databases got
          deleted on multiple calls to the same migration object.  This is 
          considered a mandatory upgrade for users of v0.036 and the broken
          version will be eventually deleted from CPAN.

0.036   02 January 2013
        - New Feature: delete_named_sets: Allows you to delete dumped fixtures
          for given sets for the current schema version.
        - Fixed bug with downgrade.  Now if you downgrade but don't specify a
          'to-version' target, we do the right thing and downgrade one version.
        - Added upgrade and downgrade test cases to better catch possible
          future regressions.

0.035   01 January 2013
        - Allow you to control the db_sandbox_builder from a script, to make it
          easier to use alternative sandbox locations (make it easier to build
          a database sandbox in a temporary area for testing, for example).
        - Added a bit of documention to the temporary sandbox builder to give
          you a hint of what it might be for.
        - Happy New Year 2013!  Don't forget to register for an CPAN account
          this year and release some code!

0.034   03 October 2012
        - RunScript now tries to give you some advice if you invoke a method or
          a column on a source that doesn't exist in the generated schema.
        - New run script trait: 'Dump'.  This is the flipside of 'Populate' and
          makes it straightforward to build core fixture sets as part of your
          database installation.

0.033   03 October 2012
        - Refactored ::RunScript such that 'migrate' can use externally added
          traits.  Documented this.

0.032   26 September 2012
        - New run script trait: 'TargetPath'.
        - New command flag 'extra_schemaloader_args' which allows you to
          pass options to SchemaLoader when running migrations.
        - Documented some command options that I previously missed.

0.031   25 September 2012
        - Upped the dependency on DBIC:Fixtures to the latest version so that
          we get fixes related to Postgresql sequences.
        - Added a test case to make sure we populating fixtures with more
          complex table relationships works.
        - Allow you to invoke more than one command at a time, such as
          "dbic-migration install populate --fixture_set core"
        - New migration script trait 'Populate' that exposes a DBIC:Fixtures
          object to your run scripts, making it easier to use existing and
          previously dumped fixture sets in your install/upgrade/downgrade

0.030  11 September 2012
        - in t/help.t, specify minimum version of Capture::Tiny to get required
        - dbic_fixtures_extra_args and dbi_fixtures_extra_args attributes
          added to DBICM:Script so that you can better control your custom
          connections (useful when running migrations against existing dbs).
          (This feature is considered BETA, please report your experiences
          and we need docs / test cases).
        - 9/11 never forget and thank you to everyone who's stood strong these
          many years.

0.029  05 September 2012
        - Better error message when you forget to have a $VERSION in your
          schema_class (logie++)
        - skipping a version to resync oafter botched release (the previous
          release that was called 0.027 was really 0.028)

0.027  04 September 2012
        - Allow you to specify a migration class in the Catalyst DBIC Model
          Trait.  This will allow you to make direct use of any custom
          subclasses of DBIx::Class::Migration you may have written.
        - Lots of improvements to the commandline documentation.
        - Misc. documentation corrections.
        - Overall Documention corrections (pjcj++).

0.026  02 August 2012
        - Fixed typo in documentation (chromatic++)
        - added repository and other metadata to the distribution.
        - increased the minimum require version of MX:GetOpt to hopefully solve
          reported problems with older versions.
        - If you get the very common "Can't find source for..." error in your
          migration script, we now give you more details and debugging.
        - Started to create some custom subtypes so we can better control the
          error messages you get when making common mistakes at the commandline.

0.025  05 July 2012
        - Updated docs a bit to disambiguate the command 'version' and 'status'
        - you can now run the help command on your custom subclasses of

0.024  05 June 2012
        - Fixed method 'install_version_storage' to actually do what the
          documentation claims.  Added test case (++bentglasstube).

0.023  03 May 2012
        - Look harder for a sharedir

0.022  11 April 2012
        - Fixed broken POD in last release.  No functional changes

0.021  11 April 2012
        - Documentation and debug output fixes (RsrchBoy++)
        - fixed regression when using DBIC:DeploymentHandler v0.002112+
        - New Feature: We set  %ENV variables for key settings so that
          information is passed to install / up-downgrade scripts.

0.020  28 March 2012
        - fixed typo that caused new command added in 0.018 to fail (nour.sharabash++)
        - documentation typo fixes (logie17++)

0.019  16 March 2012
        - Fixed broken POD in the third part of the tutorial that prevented
          the page from being rendered.
        - Updated a number of dependencies to newer version to solve some
          reported problems.

0.018  15 March 2012
        - Documentation fixes (Volker++)
        - Project title change
        - ::SchemaLoader now more carefully preserves connection information
          from its target database (code cribbed from frew++)
        - new command: "dbic-migration install_version_storage", which lets you
          force install the versioning tables and metadate into a target DB.
          This could be useful if you have an existing database that you want
          to start versioning.

0.017  14 March 2012
        - POD and documentation fixes (logie17++)
        - new command: "dbic-migration diagram".  If GraphViz is installed will
          produce a png file of the current schema.  EXPERIMENTAL!

0.016  12 March 2012
        - More POD and documentation fixes  (Volker++), (logie17++)
        - changed the way I declare version requirements in my dist.ini filr
          in order address some bugs in the way version strings are interpreted
          in various versions of Perl.

0.015  08 March 2012
        - Minor typo fixes in the tutorial (Volker++)
        - FAQ entry regarding ubuntu + AppArmor and MySQL sandboxes (Volker++)

0.014   07 March 2012
        - Changed the way we depend on File::ShareDir::ProjectDistDir

0.013   05 March 2012
        - upped DBIC:DH dependency version to take advantage of required
          fixes and overall improvements
        - If using an existing mysql sandbox, that is not running, if the
          socket directory is missing, we create it.
        - Test case for above problem.

0.012   05 March 2012
        - Upped Pod::Parser dependency version to close some reported test
        - Documentation tweaks

0.011   04 March 2012
        - Added a bit to the FAQ regarding the extra warnings to STDOUT/ERR.
        - specify more modern version of some dependencies, since I am using the
          more modern features.

0.010   02 March 2012
        - The mysql sandbox no longer uses TCP networking.  This should make it
          possible to run parallel tests and have more than one user sharing a
          single development server.
        - Avoid infinite recursive when I can't infer the schema class (this
          fixes regression introduced in previous version).

0.009   01 March 2012
        - changed the way we look for a schema so that commands that don't need
          one (like help and version) can still run.
        - if a postgresql sandbox is already running, just use it and don't try
          (and fail) to start it again.
        - changed the mysql sandbox code so that when Test::mysqld is patched
          it will work just like postgresql does in the above change-line.

0.008   01 March 2012
        - Fixed failing test when optional dependency is not installed
        - help command now does something meaningful (felliott++)
        - test case for help command

0.007   29 February 2012
        - Catalyst::TraitFor::Model::DBIC::Schema::FromMigration now lets you
          set some connect_info args instead of deleting them.
        - silence some warnings about my unclear use of 'shift'
        - Fixed a use.t problem where I was trying to check a module that had
          optional dependencies

0.006   28 February 2012
        - let you dump fixtures from an unversioned DB, but warn about it.
        - FAQ entry about this

0.005   27 February 2012
        - solved a problem when the msql socket path can exceed 104 characters
        - make use of existing Test::mysqld methods instead of guessing
        - minor fixes to incorrect test messages
        - fixed mistakes in the dependency list

0.004   27 February 2012
        - Started to develop 'dbic-migration help' command
        - make the pg and mysql tests optional
        - removed some pointless whitespace

0.003   26 February 2012
        - documentation updates
        - added some missing deps
        - fixed RT#75323 (tests using optional dependencies) (Fitz Elliott)++
        - started to stub out better commandline help

0.002   24 February 2012
        - fixed some POD issues with the first release

0.001   24 February 2012
        - initial release with all features complete