0.03 2019-03-27
  - Implements the resources in CloudFormation spec 2.28.0 (published as of 2019-03-27)
  - Fixed bug in AWS::ServiceDiscovery::Instance Properties: The InstanceAttributes
    Attribute was not declared as a Cfn::Value::Hash
  - New feature: All resource classes get a supported_regions class method with a list
    of the regions where the resource is supported.
  - The AttributeList instance method can now also be called as a class method

0.02 2019-02-27
  - Support for UpdateReplacePolicy 
  - Add AWS::Partion and AWS::URLSuffix as PseudoParameters. They are now recognized as
  - Support for returning ArrayRefs and HashRefs from Cfn::DynamicValues. If the values
    returned from a DynamicValue is itself a HashRef or an ArrayRef with DynamicValues 
    too, they will get resolved too.
  - The changes method on Cfn::Diff can be called directly instead of calling ->diff before
  - Implements the resources in CloudFormation spec 2.24.0 (published as of 2019-02-25)
  - Cfn gets a new method resolve_dynamicvalues that returns a new Cfn with all it's
    Cfn::DynamicValues resolved
  - Cfn::Diff by default doesn't dive in to Cfn::DynamicValues. It considers them as changes,
    since the return value of a DynamicValue is not known beforehand.
  - Cfn::Diff gets a new attribute resolve_dynamicvalues that when activated will resolve
    all Cfn::DynamicValues before diffing
  - Cfn::Crawl by default doesn't resolve Dynamic values, but now gets a resolve_dynamicvalues
    attribute to resolve them before crawling

0.01 2019-02-15
  - First release of this module as a separate entity from CloudDeploy.
    This module is the result of isolating the code in the CloudDeploy distribution,
    with the addition of internal updates that we had not released yet.
  - Implements the resource in CloudFormation spec 2.20.0 (published as of 2019-02-15)