0.06 2018-11-05
 - GCE receives a new attribute "region" to select the region where the registry
   is hosted.
 - New Azure Container Registry provider (ACR). Can authenticate with admin credentials
   or Azure AD credentials.
 - Don't follow redirections. Some Container Registries return 30X responses that lead
   to random HTML (so the response processor was not making anything out of these responses)
 - Internal refactor
   - using Moo and Types::Standard instead of Moose
   - pass the scope to the signnature method in auth modules

0.05 2018-06-04
 - Require Import::Into 1.002003 to avoid some installation failures on 
   some systems http://matrix.cpantesters.org/?dist=Docker-Registry+0.04 (waterkip)

0.04 2018-06-03
 - Gitlab provider added (waterkip)
 - Refactored code to use builders (instead of complex defaults) (waterkip)

0.03 2018-05-16
 - Add test dependencies
 - Declare minimum Perl version
 - Make ECR Auth module load only if needed

0.02 2018-05-15
 - Public release

0.01 2018-04-24
 - Initial internal release