- fix unicode issues in test t/10_responses.t (ioanrogers)
 - fix bug handling responses with ArrayRef of Maps (DynamoDB reported by stevecaldwell77)
 - fix S3 to be able to use temporary credentials (stevecaldwell77)
 - fix bug that could produce different timestamps in Date and X-Amz-Date headers (ilmari)
 - Pull Request #53 (karenetheridge): "Update some module dependencies"
   - JSON Parsing now depending on JSON::MaybeXS
   - include META.json in package
   - remove uri_escape code for perl 5.8
 - ElasticBeanstalk API update: support for Instance and Environment health 
 - Codepipeline API update: support for encription key
 - Config API update: ListDiscoveredResources
 - EC2 API update: Resource oriented bidding for spot instances
 - StorageGateway API update: tagging
 - S3 API update: event filtering
 - IAM API update: Policy simulation methods
 - Kinesis API update: Appoximate arrival timestamp on Record object
 - Elastic File System API update
 - Route53: Child and Inverted Health Checks
 - EC2 API update: DataEncryptionKeyId and StateMessage in snapshots. Spot fleet allocation strategy

0.14 06 Aug 2015
 - LWP Caller (Paws::Net::LWPCaller). Paws supports calling behind HTTPS proxies with LWP (dtikhonov)
 - Maps in JSON type APIS are correctly handled (Issue #40 and #45, PR #46). Thanks to vivus-ignis and dtikhonov
 - Fixes to Paws.pm documentation (arc)
 - Glacier API update: support for Vault Locking
 - EMR API update: Support for new Applications specification 
 - EC2 API update:
   - CreateRoute drops the ClientToken param
   - Support for SpotFleetLaunchSpecification
 - CloudWatch Logs API update: Support Destinations
 - RDS API update: Support for Aurora (new DBCluster calls)
 - Opsworks API update: support for RHEL7
 - DeviceFarm API update: support for iOS
 - SimpleWorkflow API update: support for Lambda

0.13 17 Jul 2015
 - New API: DynamoDB Streams
 - New API: DeviceFarm
 - Paws::Credentials::File. Support for changing the filename via ENVIRONMENT (AWS_CONFIG_FILE)
 - Information for calculating region endpoints is moved into service classes, not the RegionInfo
   class that holds all endpoint information for all services.
 - Rename RegionalEndpointCaller role to EndpointResolver
 - Throw structured exception if an endpoint can't be calculated
 - Support for STS regional endpoint when used passing a region to $paws->service('STS', region => 'Desired region'). 
   $paws->service('STS') still uses the global sts.amazonaws.com endpoint
 - Paws::Credential::AssumeRole and Paws::Credential::STS support new sts_region attribute to select region. Default
   is to use the global region
 - Signin service working again (still hand-coded...)
 - paws cli now displays all attributes for call parameters, and their requiredness

0.12 09 Jul 2015
 - New API: CodePipeline
 - New API: CodeCommit
 - EC2 API update: copy encrypted snapshots between regions
 - SES API update: support for Sending Authorization
 - ECS API update
 - IAM update: support for SSH Keys
 - Autoscaling update: Support for scaling policies with steps
 - Fix DeleteMessageBatch,SendMessageBatch and ChangeMessageVisibilityBatch (thanks mbartold)

0.11 02 Jul 2015 
 - Bump up verion in response to: #105600: Please don't let your version length decrease (mst)

0.10 01 Jul 2015 
 - Don't dump request in EC2 Caller
 - Paws::Net::Caller was not correctly handling cases where the API only returns success (1) (osoriano)
 - Tests don't use Data::Path anymore (using own "mini-implementation")

0.09 25 Jun 2015 17:00:00
 - API updates from botocore until 2015-06-29
 - Difference between SQS message AttributeMaps and QueueAttribute maps (thnks codehead) 
 - Paws now returns structured exceptions (Paws::Exception) with information of errors from
   the APIs. The exceptions stringify so you don't have to worry about too much breakage. If you
   were parsing the error message from the exception, you should now use Paws::Exceptions accessors
   to get the already parsed information
 - Refactoring in the different callers to move functionalities only where needed
 - Endpoint resolution support (first version by IƱigo Tejedor)
 - SQS Maps are now working correctly (QueueMaps were ill defined). Thanks to codehead
 - Fix bug for JSONCaller: when response doesn't have a body, the operation would succeed, but an
   invalid json string exception was thrown
 - longs changed to Moose type Int, instead of Num (longs are 64 bit integers 
   in Java https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/java/nutsandbolts/datatypes.html)
   Those Ints are passed to AWS as int() instead of Strings, because AWS APIs (CloudWatchLogs
   for example) isn't able to transform String to long (we get an API error)
 - Refactored the config attribute of the Paws class. Also documented what you can configure from
   the config, so now the "config" is official.
 - BugFix: some Map attributes in JSON APIs were incorrectly being created as Maps of Strings, instead of Maps of Objects.
   Affected APIs are: CloudSearchDomain, CloudWatchLogs, CognitoIdentity, Config, DataPipeline, DynamoDB, EMR, Kinesis
   MachineLearning, OpsWorks, S3 and StorageGateway.

0.08 19 May 2015 22:12:00
 - EC2 SpotFleet API calls
 - Opsworks support for Windows
 - Update to ElasticBeanstalk API (ResourceName)
 - UserAgent now report Paws version number

0.07 15 May 2015 19:30:00
 - Generate META.yml
 - Add LICENSE info
 - Packaging corrections
 - Lots of documentation updates
 - Support for new features in CloudWatchLogs, EC2 (VPC endpoint support), CloudFormation
 - New API: Paws::DS (Directory Service)

0.06 5 May 2015 23:30:00
 - Fix Map handling in JsonCaller (and add tests)
 - Add META.* information for CPAN packaging (CHORNY)
 - Fix cpanfile dependencies for build/test scenarios (CHORNY)

0.05 3 May 2015 23:00:00
 - Delete files that were leftover from old API generations
 - Update to DynamoDB: support for expressions
 - Adapt API generation to new boto layout

 - API updates

0.03 10 Apr 2015 22:00:00
 - Service updates
 - Support for new services (like MachineLearning and WorkSpaces)
 - Better documentation for arguments to methods (and caller classes)

0.02 6 Apr 2015 18:30:00
 - Service updates
 - Map types were not being passed correctly to APIs

0.01 2 Apr 2015 02:35:00
 - First version launched to CPAN

 - The default CredentialProviderChain will now try to read an ini
   file in ~/.aws/credentials with the aws credentials
 - The Credential providers have been moved into Paws::Credential namespace
 - The role that all Credential Providers have to add is now Paws::Credential
 - Paws->service and $aws->service no longer return a class that
   has to be constructed. Instead they return an INSTANCE of the
   class. Attributes for the constructor can be passed as the 
   subsequent parameters of ->service.
   A method class_for_service returns the service class in the "old"
   ->service('X')->new(region => 'Y') is now
   ->service('X', region => 'Y')
   ->class_for_service('X')->new(region => 'Y')

   The recommended one is ->service('X', region => 'Y')
 - Adding paginators broke lots of classes (not loading)
   deactivated paginators on json, query and restxml classes
   The only guys who conserves paginators is EC2