revision history for Data-SSHPubkey. see also the git repo

0.06    2019-05-13
        test for and ignore (with a warning) test errors from
        olden versions of ssh-keygen(1) that do not support the -m
        flag, #129536

0.05    2019-05-10
        add $max_keys limit, new convert_pubkeys (that calls
        ssh-keygen), fix key types parsed to match what is in the
        %ssh_pubkey_types hash

0.04    2019-05-09
        add $max_lines limit to avoid parsing too many lines

0.03    2019-03-04
        support passed filehandles (pairs well with ssh-keyscan). more
        docs, more tests

0.02    2019-03-02
        improve parsing of various public keys. add hash of known key
        types. more tests

0.01    2019-02-27
        first version, released on an unsuspecting world