See also the git repository.

1.01    January  6 2019
        Major interface changes to allow for both 4-way and 8-way map
        normalization and path finding (probably did not break the
        interface unless you were relying on something internal that
        changed). Attributes max_cost and bad_cost changed to INT_MAX
        and INT_MIN instead of ~0 and -1.

0.08    Sat, 15 Sep 2018
        New BUILD code that calls map() xor str2map() for easier object
        setup. next* methods return array reference instead of list to
        make them more like other methods. New unconnected() and
        values() methods. Learn more about normalize_costs (it does not
        do diagonals). Add next_m to set what next method to call
        instead of that being an argument to various next_* methods. New
        dimap_with() and next_with() for weights in combination with
        other map objects. And to_tsv() to help debug those.

0.04    domingo,  2 de septiembre de 2018
        New methods for path finding: next, next_best, next_sq,
        path_best. Documentation on diagonals.

0.02    2018-09-01
        Add recalc() method (update() now makes no such effort as it
        cannot) and related commentary about these methods in the
        perldocs. Also new str2map() utility method.

0.01    August 31 2018
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.