See also the git repository.

1.47    2019-10-09
        Try to avoid a Windows path issue in a test. Update Build.PL
        docs about Centos8 still being a Perl core chop-shop.

1.46    2019-10-08
        Bugfixen, improve randomly (via breaking interface changes) so
        that it better can be used with the adj_* functions.

1.45    2019-10-03
        Randomly add randomly method to randomly adjust the pattern via
        a callback. New Game::TextPatterns::Util package to hold some
        now-user-callable utility functions.

1.24    2019-06-23
        Add fill_4way and fill_8way methods.

0.73    2018-10-07
        Break interface of crop (it was broken for negative bounds).
        flip_four now has more features. More examples in the docs.
        Require perl 5.24 for postderef.

0.42    2018-06-18
        More methods (append_cols, append_rows, as_array, crop, draw_in,
        flip_four, four_up, from_array, mask, overlay, rotate, trim,
        white_noise). More error checking, tests, and docs.

0.01    2018-04-10
        First version, released on an (some would say) unsuspecting world.