See also the git repository.

0.10    2018-10-09
        Add decay(), dice(), irand64(), irand_in(), irand_way().
        Algorithm::Diff as test req.

0.07    2018-09-28
        Break interface, rand() now returns floats more like CORE::rand().
        Add irand() which is what the old rand() was.
        Add rand_elm(), rand_idx() for array element or index selection.

0.05    2018-09-19
        Mostly build improvements.

0.02    2018-09-19
        Bugfixes. Improve performance via the imitation of the XS
        present in Math::Random::MTwist. Build.PL changes and (the very
        old now) Perl 5.14 as a minimum bar.

0.01    2018-09-18
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.