Revision history for Perl module Spreadsheet::ParseExcel.

0.59 April 6 2011

    + Patch for decryption of default encrypted workbooks from
      Alexey Mazurin.

    ! Fix for invalid formatting of text cell that are numeric.

0.58 September 17 2010

    ! Fix for text cells formatted with a leading apostrophe.

    ! Documentation fixes. Thanks to Dan Dascalescu
      Fix RT #61320 (typos)

    ! Fix for currency locales in format strings.
      Reported by wjaguar.

    ! Fix for incomplete SETUP records.
      Reported by M.C. Deurloo.

0.57 January 24 2010

    ! Added fix for reading formatted data from Excel 4 files.

    ! Added example programs, and

    ! Removed Build.PL from README. Thanks Ed Avis.

0.56 November 9 2009

    + Added error() and error_code() error handling routines.
      This allows encrypted files to be ignored.
      Added t/10_error_codes.t for the above methods.

    ! Made version 0.19 of OLE::Storage_Lite a prerequisite to avoid
      issues when writing OLE header in SaveParser.

    ! Changed Parse() method name to parse() for consistency with the
      rest of the API. The older method name is still supported but
      not documented.

0.55 August 25 2009

    + Refactored documentation and method names and added
      regression suite, t/06_regression.t.

    ! Added float comparison test to avoid false failing tests on
      64bit systems.

0.54 August 25 2009

    ! Fix for height/width of hidden rows/columns with additional.
      tests in 05_regression.t. Thanks to Greger Leijonhufvud.

    ! Fix for mal-formed Print_Title Name block.
      Reported by Marc Elser.

0.53 August 24 2009

    + Made perl 5.8.0 a requirement for proper Unicode handling.

    ! Fixed minor int2col() bug thanks to David Black.
      Added 28_int2col.t test for above.

    + Refactored Workbook API and docs.

0.52 August 21 2009

    + Added new FmtJapan module and tests written by Goro Fuji.

    ! Fixed bug in ExcelFmt() date handling where conversion to weekday
      and month names wasn't handled correctly.
      Add extra tests to 21_number_format_user.t for above.

    ! Fixed bug when checking $Config{useperlio}.
      Reported by kbates and H.Merijn Brand.

    ! Fixed bug where CellHandler variables weren't scoped to package.
      Reported by pomoxp.

    + Added tests for ExcelLocaltime() and LocaltimeExcel().
      26_localtime2excel.t and 27_localtime2excel.t.

    + Refactored SaveParser docs. Work still ongoing.

0.51 August 19 2009

    ! Added fix for incorrectly skipped charts. Thanks Guntram Blohm.

    ! Added fix for locale [$-ddd] strings in number formats.
      Reported by Jeff Mitchell.

    ! Added fix for multiple dots in number formats.
      Thanks to Father Chrysostomos.

    ! Added fix to make half way rounding behave like Excel.
      Thanks to Joshua Megerman.

    ! Added checks for valid dates in Utility::ExcelFmt.
      Reported by Alan James.

0.50 August 18 2009

    + Refactored Worksheet interface and documentation.
      Added 04_regression.t and 05_regression.t to test above changes.

    ! Fixed column units conversion.
      Added 24_row_col_sizes.t for above change.

    ! Fixed RK number conversion. The existing code was the source of several
      RT bugs and portability issues. Added 25_decode_rk_numbers.t testcase.

0.49 January 24 2009

    ! Added Text::CSV_XS to xls2csv() function to handle embedded commas
      in csv data. Reported by Fredrik Linde.

    + Rewrote documentation.

    - Removed wantarray from ExcelFmt() and the unused and undocumented
      feature of returning the result and a format color in a list context.
      The older mechanism is still available but now requires an explicit flag.

0.48 January 23 2009

    ! Fixed bug where numbers with uppercase formats such as MM/DD/YY
      were ignored. Applies to files created by and
      some international versions of Excel. Added tests for above.

    ! Removed undocumented and counter-intuitive use of overload on SheetNo in

0.47 January 22 2009

    ! Fixed bug where multiple embedded charts on a worksheet caused the
      worksheet order to be lost and data to get overwritten.
      Reported by Steven Martin and others.

0.46 January 18 2009

    ! Heavily refactored the ExcelFmt() function for maintainability and
      fixed several bugs, in particular for 12 hour clock times.
      Added test cases for above.

    ! Removed use of $& match variables from ExcelFmt.
      Reported by Aaron Wigley.

    ! Replaced lvalue substr() in ExcelFmt () with 4-arg substr()
      for efficiency. Reported by Goro Fuji.

    ! Removed spurious t/examples dir from Makefile.PL and removed
      unused t/lib dir. Reported by Peter (Stig) Edwards.

0.45 January 13 2009

    ! Fixed failed parsing of large (8-16k) Unicode strings.
      Reported by Graham Stead and Moka.

    ! Fixed critical bug where data rows could be ignored.
      Reported and isolated by Peter (Stig) Edwards.

0.44 January 8 2009

    ! Fix for GENERAL format.
      Thanks to Niko Tyni and the Debian Perl team

    + Perltidyed source and added standard headers and Pod sections
      to all modules.

0.43 January 7 2009

    + Restructured and rewrote the main documentation. This is the start of
      a general refactoring. If you would like to keep up to date with it
      keep an eye on the Spreadsheet::ParseExcel Google Group.

    + Added worksheets() Workbook method to iterate over the Worksheet objects.

    + Added unformatted() method to get a Cell's unformatted value.

    + Renamed public methods RowRange(), ColRange() and Cell() to row_range(),
      col_range() and get_cell(). Old methods are still available.

    ! Turned on compatibility_mode() by default in SaveParser to avoid SP3

    ! Fixed minor SaveParser bug with font rotation.

0.42 January 1 2009

    + Fix for world writeable files in distro to allow PAUSE indexing.

0.41 October 24 2008

    + Changed maintainership to John McNamara.

    ! Fixed bug when parsing RK numbers (generally ints or small floats).

    ! Changed margin units to inches to (cleanly) avoid undef warning in

0.33 2008.09.07
    - Default format for formatted dates changed from 'm-d-yy' to 'yyyy-mm-dd'
    - Numeric fields with date-formats now promote to Date
    - Added docs about date type 14 problem
    - skip another test when prereq is missing
    - split Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::SaveParser into packages
    - split Spreadsheet::ParseExcel into packages

0.32 2007.05.05
    - Remove the memory_leak test as well as it still fails.

0.31 2007.05.03
    - Require IO::Scalar always as OLE::Storage_Lite needs it but does not prereq it
    - disable some of the tests that don't yet work on 64 bit due to number precision
      in order to allow automatic installation

0.30 2007.03.31
    - add some more tests
    - add test to see memory leak using Proc::ProcessTable
    - Start using Scalar::Util qw(weaken) to (hopefully) avoid memory leak
    - It seems we did not check correctly if PERLIO is available in Makefile.PL
      now it is the same test we do in the code itself.
    - Flag1904 renamed to Flg1904 in documentation (Chad) RT #24293

0.29 2007.03.30
    - clean up basic.t to skip tests that need additional and missing module
    - No more need for IO::Scalar if PERLIO is available (H.Merijn Brand)

0.28 Wed Jan  7, 2007
    - Documentation update
    - Add t/parse.t
    - Add sample/
    - fix some syntax errors in the sub-modules

0.27 Wed Jan  3, 2007
    - See changes in the 0.27_XX versions

0.27_03 Thu Nov 2, 2006
    - Officially receive maintainership (Gabor Szabo)
    - slight code cleanup
    - more sample test

    - Fixing another warning:
      Character in 'c' format wrapped in pack
      (Grant Stevens)
    - More test, enable use of Devel::Cover

0.27_01  Mon Sep 11, 2006
    - Moving to t/ and using Test::More
    - Add tests running (some of the) sample files
    - Add 'use warnings', remove prototypes
    - Fix the warning in Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtDefault
      Character in "C" format wrapped at .../Spreadsheet/ParseExcel/ line 68.
      (Slaven Rezić and others)

0.2603  Mon May 30, 2004
    - Mod SaveParser : Apply a path from Eduardo J
                        adding Protect feature
                        (Thank you, Eduardo J for patch)
    - Mod ParseExcel : Apply a path from C. Jon Larsen
                        adding GetContent
                        (Thank you, C. Jon Larsen)

0.2602  Mon Jul 15, 2002
    - Fix SaveParser : Mod hidden support(with 0 column width)
                        (Thank you, HIROSHIGE,Shigeru for report)

0.2601  Sat Jul 13, 2002
    Thank you for Peter Marschall for PATCH.
    - Mod ParseExcel : Add new methods
    - Mod SaveParser : Add new methods

    - Mod ParseExcel : Mod subHeader, subFooter
                        (Thank you, RT? for report)
    - Mod SaveParser : Add hidden support
                        (Thank you, HIROSHIGE,Shigeru for report)
    - Add new sample : Add
                        (Thank you, Khalid EZZARAOUI for new code)

0.26  Sat Jun 1, 2002
    Thank you for Peter Marschall.
    - Mod ParseExcel : Add new interface
    - Mod SaveParser : Add new interface

0.25  Fri May  10, 2002
    - Mod ParseExcel : Fix For SaveParser
    - Mod SaveParser : Add Create
                       Add page setting
                       Add some documents

0.2407 Mon Apr  24, 2002
    - Mod Utility    : Fix Numeric format
                        (Thank you, Jeff Shaffer for report)
                       Fix MakeBun
    - Mod ParseExcel : Fix Continue (COTINUE with no header)
                        (Thank you, Tuneyosi Fukusima for report)
                     : Add {Val} in sample :-)
                        (Thank you, Ernst Kloppenburg for suggestion)

0.2406 Mon Apr  8, 2002
    - Mod Utility    : Fix $sNUMEXP
                            (Thank you for Xavier Catteau for patch)
                       Add col2int int2col sheetRef xls2csv
                        (Thank you for Xavier Catteau for patch)
    - Mod ParseExcel : Add file contents
    - Mod SaveParser : Mod AddCell

0.2405 Tue Jan 29, 2002
    - Mod FmtDefault : Fix 0x01 (='0') format
                        (Thank you Marc Pohl for report)
    - Mod ParseExcel : Mod Parse Fh of and GLOB ref.
                        (Thank you Nicholas Hamlin and Abe Daisuke for reports)
                       Fix PrintArea detection
                        (Thank you Todd A. Green for patch)
                       Add  custom palette support
                        (Thank you Florian Pflug for patch)
                       Fix  _SetDimension prototype
                        (Thank you David Dyck for patch)
    - Mod SaveParser : Mod return value of SaveParser
                        (Thank you Iceman for patch)
    - Mod Utility    : Mod $iAftP manipulation
                        (Thank you Stanislav Sukholet for patch)

0.2404 Tue Jul 24  7:30:00 2001 - Tue Dec 4 11:00:00 2001
    - Mod ParseExcel : Mod _SwapForUnicode for a string with odd length
                        (Thank you, Mikhail Turenko)
                     : Add GLOB reference support
                        (Thank you, coral.)
                     : Fix/Add Font name Unicode judge
                        (Thank you, Mikhail Turenko, Alex Edelman)
    - Mod Utility    : Fix Backslash problem
                        (Thank you, Bruno Wolff III. And sorry for TOO LATE)
                     : Fix add number expressions
                        (Thank you, Jing Zhao)

0.2403 Tue Jul 24 7:30:00 2001
    - Mod FmtUnicode, FmtJapan, FmtJapan2 : Fix NL
                        (Thank you, Jeremy Smartt)

0.2402 Thu Jul 12 20:30:00 2001
    - Mod Utility, FmtDefault :Fix format error
                        (Thank you, Kevin Ko)
    - Mod Utility :Mod for Japanese sign(triangle)

0.2401 Mon Jul 9  19:00:00 2001
    - Mod FmtUnicode :Mod alphanumeric in BIG5
                        (Thank you, Kevin Ko)
        Sorry, it is not effective (ToT)

0.24 Wed Jul 5  06:30:00 2001
    - Mod ParseExcel :Add OO style callback
                        (Thank you, Ilya Sterin)
    - Add sample/ :-)
    - Mod ParseExcel : Mod use FmtDefault for PDK
                        (Thank you, Maxime Alechine)

0.2301 Tue Jun 26  8:00:00 2001
    - Mod FmtDefault
                    :Fix not convert undefined or '' string

0.23 Thu Jun 21  21:00:00 2001
    - Mod ParseExcel, FmtUnicode, FmtJapan, FmtJapan2 :
                    :Fix Unicode Latin1 adapt
                       (Thank you, Seiko Yamamura and Sadahiro)
    - Mod ParseExcel : my(undef)  -> my($undef1) ...
                       (Thank you, Alex)

0.22.3 Thu May 16  8:00:00 2001
    - Mod FmtUnicode : Fix code undefined
    - Mod ParseExcel : Fix Marged area (row>255)
                       (Thank you, Dmitriy Litovchin)

0.22.2 Thu May 16  8:00:00 2001
    - Mod ParseExcel : Fix Hidden RowHeight, ColWidht
                       (Thank you, Maxim Ovchinnikov)

0.22.1 Wed May 14 20:35:00 2001
    - Mod ParseExcel : Fix Continue (COTINUE with no header)
                       (Thank you, Steve Sapovits)
                     : Fix ignore Graph sheet
                       (Thank you, Joel Defarge )
    - Mod Utility : Fix eval at Conditiona-Format
                       (Thank you, Alok K. Dhir)

0.22 Sat May 5 19:00:00 2001
    - Add SaveParser : For DBD::Excel

0.21.2 Tue May 1 7:00:00 2001
    - Fix ParseExcel : MergedArea
                       (Thank you, Bradley M. Handy )

0.21.1 Sat Apr 29 14:00:00 2001
    - Add ParseExcel : Rich text information support
                       (Thank you, Vladimir Igrevsky)

0.21 Sat Apr 24 18:00:00 2001
    - Mod ParseExcel : Add New Feature for CellHandler
                       (Thank you, Jeff Clark)
    - Mod ParseExcel, FmtDefault, FmtJapan, Utility:
                     : Expanding format information to support
                       (Supported by Nippon-RAD OP Division)

0.20.2 Wed Apr 18 9:00:00 2001
    - Fix Utility : ExcelFmt (For Number format)
                       (Thank you, Jeff Clark)

0.20.1 Sun Apr 11 9:00:00 2001
    - Fix FmtJapan, FmtJapan2 : TxtFmt
    - Fix FmtDefault : ValFmt (for 'String' format')
                       (Thank you, Fukusima, Tuneyosi)

0.20  Mon Mar 30  20:00:00 2001
    - Fix : RK int minus
                       (Thank you, Morten Sickel)
    - Mod : Fix Font number but not complete
                       (Thank you, Vladimir Igrevsky)
    - Fix : _convBIFF8 non conversion (LABEL, String...)
                       (Thank you, Fukusima, Tuneyosi)
    - Add pod : Limitaion with
                       (Thank you, Venkataramana Mokkapati)

0.19  Mon Mar 26  12:00:00 2001
    - Fix :Month short name
                       (Thank you, Morten Sickel)
    - Fix :Formatting Error
                       (Thank you, yusuf_najuddin)
    - Fix readable check
                       (Thank you, Kawasaki)

0.18  Sat Mar 18  16:00:00 2001
    - Fix Excel4 file support
    - Fix subLabel (Unicode)
            (Thank you, yusuf_najmuddin)

0.17  Wed Mar 12  9:00:00 2001
    - Fix for Number format
    - Fix to use FmtJapan
            (Thank you, Kawasaki)
    - Fix for Number format (not Numeric)
            (Thank you, John Dawson)
    - Fix Format string with Chinese Character (in Excel95)

0.16  Wed Mar 7  22:00:00 2001
    - Fix Format String
    - Avoding warnings
            (Thank you Jimmy Sieben and Daniel Berger)

0.15  Wed Mar 6  10:00:00 2001
    - Fix RK number
            (Thank you Jimmy Sieben)
    - Modify many internal functions!!
    - Add Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Utity for formatting!

0.13  Sat Feb 21  20:40:00 2001
    - Support Pps 'BOOK' (not 'Book') with OLE::Storage_Lite 0.07
                             (Thank you, Punam Chordia )
    - Modify Makefile.PL (define OLE::Storage_Lite Version)
                             (Thank you, Aldo Calpini)
    - Fix Conetinue ASCII-Unicode pattern
                             (Thank you, Tim Wills)
    - Add FmtUnicode sample (Sorry and thank you, Mike Goblin)

0.12  Sat Feb 5  11:00:00 2001
    - Support Excel4 file (Thank you, Jeff Haferman and herbert )
    - Add reference of scalar and IO::File object support in Parse
                          (Thank you, Jeff Haferman)
    - Fix Continue SST (Thank you, Gennadiy)
    - Delete VBAMacros from sample/Excel/Test97j.xls and Test97.xls
      avoiding virus check.
                          (Thank you, Alfred Nathaniel)
    - Fix weekday of ExcelLocaltime

0.11  Sat Jan 26 14:00:00 2001
    - Skip 0xEF to EOF(0x0A) (Thank you, Phil DiFalco)

0.10  Mon Jan 15 12:00:00 2001
    - Fix _subString, _subFormula  (Thank you, Ilter Cekic and Mike Edwards)

0.09  Sat Dec 15 12:00:00 2000
    - Fix Month name of  (Thank you, Michael Edwards)
    - Add
    - Fix Slightly Bug

0.08  Sat Nov 25 12:00:00 2000
    - Fix RString, PackedString BUGS (Thank you, Kim Namsuk)
    - Fix undefined function _subDefColW (Thank you, Hirofumi Morisada)

0.07  Sat Nov 18 12:00:00 2000
    - Change to use OLE::Storage_Lite
    - Fix RString, PackedString BUGS (Thank you, Hirofumi Morisada)
    - Fix and Add Formula String     (Thank you, Michael Edwards)

0.05  Mon Oct  2 03:14:04 2000
    - original version