Changes file for Perl::Critic::Policy::logicLAB::RequireVersionFormat


Project Change Log:

0.06 2014-01-24

- Maintenance release, update not required

- Re-addressed issue listed on CPANTS with error in POD [PCPMRVF-21]

0.05 2014-01-18

- Maintenance release, update not required

- Addressed several issues listed on CPANTS, all for version 0.04 and

    - missing manifest (triggering two metrics)
    - error in POD 

- Added changes.t automatic assertion of the integrity of the Changes file, 
  see also PCPMRVF-19 [PCPMRVF-20]

0.04 2013-07-28

- Maintenance release, update not required

- Fixed up Changes file as part of my Questhub quest adhering to the standard
  described in: CPAN::Changes::Spec [PCPMRVF-19]


- Perl::Critic boiler plate updated to latest version [PCPMRVF-17]

- Changes Perl::Critic theme to logicLAB as default [PCPMRVF-18]

0.03 2011-02-13

- Bug fix release, update not required

- Addressed report on failing test, we now explicitly require Perl::Critic version 1.03 [PCPMRVF-15]

0.02 2010-09-18

- Feature release, update recommended

- Exchanged formats delimeter from '|' to '||', since '|' could be used in
  formats, since formats are regular expressions [PCPMRVF-11]
  WARNING! this might require changes to your current configuration

- Corrected broken example in POD [PCPMRVF-12]

0.01 2010-09-07

- Initial release