Revision history for Perl extension IO::Pager.

0.02  Tue Jul 15 23:11:12 2003

      original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-X -n IO::Pager

0.03  Tue Jul 15 23:11:12 2003

      Forked from IO::Page

0.04  Wed Jul 16 18:53:58 EDT 2003

      Removed a stupid debug message from IO::Pager::new

      Improved $ENV{PAGER} selection algorythm

      Touched up documentation

      Added some tests

0.05  Thu Jul 17 20:01:55 EDT 2003

      Touched up documentation

      Added IO::Pager::Page, a clone of IO::Page "Broken pipe" foible and all

      Fixed a bug in $ENV{PAGER} selection algorythm,
      it failed if you didn't have File::Which. It's now back to
      being only strongly recommended as opposed to required.


      Fixed a stupid leftover using =~ for assignment that some perls ignored

      Fixed other nits in and documentation