- Removed support for v201306.

- Added examples and support for v201402.

- Removed support for v201302.

- Added examples and support for v201309.
- Removed examples and support for v201209.
- Bug fixes to issues #58, #61.

- Added examples and support for v201306.
- Added package Google::Ads::AdWords::Reports for reporting classes.
- Removed units count from the Client, units are not longer used.

- Added support and examples for AdGroupBidModifierService.
- Created a new migration examples folder and moved set_campaign_enhanced.pl
  into it.
- Added an example for upgrading legacy sitelinks.

- Removed support for OAuth1.0a.
- Added support for OAuth2 Service Accounts.
- Removed support for sunset v201206 version.
- Bug fixes to issues #56, #57, #58.

- Bug fixes to issues #54 and #55.

- Added examples and support for v201302.

- Added examples for supporting enhanced campaigns through forward compatibility

- Removed re-definitions of SOAP::WSDL packages. Implemented a cleaner solution
  based on inheritance. No more need to import the Client module before any
  other SOAP::WSDL object.
- Removed unneeded dependency on the CHI module.

- Removed support of versions v201109 and v201109_1.
- Bug fixes to issues #50 and #51.

- Added support for v201209 and code examples.
- Added support to new reports download error format.

- Fixes to issues #46 and #49.
- Changes to the handle_two_factor_authorization_error.pl code example, to
  adopt the latest authorization logic.

- Bumped default version to v201206.
- Fixes to issues #43 and #45.

- Added support for v201206.
- Added support for OAuth2 and complete revamp of the authorization logic.

- Changes to the library user-agent.
- Enabled gzip compression, please refer to the README for more details.
- Added support to ActivePerl v5.14 32bit version in Windows environments.
- Addressing feature request #42.

- Added support, examples, and tests for v201109_1.

- Removed support to BulkOpportunityService, due to its sunset.
- Added API request accounting capabilities (request, operations and units
  count and logging). See README for more details.
- Added checks to ensure the Google::Ads:AdWords::Client is loaded before any
  other library modules. Contribution by Curtis "Ovid" Poe <ovid@cpan.org>.
- Improved code examples to handle multiple entities per request and show the
  use of optional fields.
- Added example to show how to retrieve statistics from services. See

- Added functional tests for most used API services and code examples.
- Added support for captcha challenges.
- Added handle_captcha_challenge.pl example to demonstrate how to
  programmatically deal with captchas.
- Removed support of deprecated versions in preparation for upcoming sunset,
  refer to http://googleadsdeveloper.blogspot.com/2012/01/55-days-until-adwords-api-deprecation.html

- Fixed issue 39.

- v201109 code examples re-organization. No library changes.

- Adding support and example for CreateAccountService.
- Fixes to get_account_hierarchy.pl example to correctly handle Sandbox
- Fix and test to issue #37.

- Added required developerToken header to reports download.
- Bug fixes on handling report download statuses.
- Fixes to OAuth logic to better handle misconfigurations.
- Better documentation on OAuth example.

- Added support and examples for v201109.
- Added support and example for downloading ad hoc reports.
- Deprecated support for clientEmail in v201109.

- Fixed issue 28.
- Fixed an issue with a broken image used for image ads examples.

- Added OAuth support.
- Added full XPath support, so now XPath queries can be executed over on
  SOAP returned object.

- Fixed issues 25, 26 & 27.
- Fix an issue with incorrect mapping of SOAP faults.

- Fixed issue 24.
- Added support to cross-client reports.
- Added add_mcc_report_definition.pl and download_mcc_report.pl code examples.

- Fixed issues 22 and 23.
- CHANGED the logic on logging initialization, when relying on default
  logging configuration, logs are now created under the user home folder and
  not spuriously on every directory where scripts are executed.
- Added missing auto-generated files for ConversionTrackerService and
  BulkOpportunity service, please discontinue using version 2.4.1 if planning
  to use either of those services.

- Added support to BulkOpportunityService and code examples.
- Added support to ConversionTrackerService and code examples.
- Modified add_user_list.pl code example to demonstrate how to also retrieve
  the associated conversion tracker code snippet.

- Added support to v201101 release.
- Added code examples for v201101 release.
- Added to support to complex SOAP exceptions; SOAP exceptions containing
  objects are correctly mapped and returned as Perl objects.
- Added support to XPath searches on the top returned SOAP Object, see
  get_all_campaign_budgets.pl example.

- Added support to hashes for sending and receiving data to the API.
- Added add_campaign_using_hashes.pl and get_active_campaigns_using_hashes.pl
  code examples for v201008.
- Added support for handlePartialFailures header.
- Added handle_partial_failures.pl code example for v201008.
- Added support for the returnMoneyInMicros header in ReportUtils.

- Added support for v201008 additional services (AlertService,
  CustomerSyncService, UserListService), with examples.
- Added examples on how to query and remove BulkMutateJobs.
- Bug fixes on unit tests (http://goo.gl/USi1, http://goo.gl/HLrQ)

- Added support for v201008, with examples.
- Added ability to reuse authToken without first creating new one.
- Updated ReportUtils error regex.
- Added ability to turn off auth token cache and added a method to manually
  force auth token generation.
- Added support to partial failures.
- Added the ability to change the auth server.
- Added ErrorUtils classes to handle ApiError objects.
- Bug fixes to SOAP:WSDL module to more intelligently manage xsi:type.
- Added more robust unit test for core classes.

- Added support to all services in v201003.
- Added a better logging infrastructure adding support for to Log4perl module.
- Added more examples.
- Removed dependencies on experimental version of the SOAP::WSDL module.
  Instead the module can be installed directly from CPAN and no need to manual
  patch is required.
  IMPORTANT: Due to this change now specific generated API objects, and not
  generic type-maps/hashes are returned on API calls, so access to
  object attributes need to be done via get_/set_{attribute} methods. Refer to
  examples on how to handle these objects.
- Methods to retrieve units and operations information (get_total_unit_count,
  get_last_unit_count, get_total_operation_count, get_last_operation_count,
  get_last_response_time, get_last_request_id, get_last_soap_request,
  get_last_soap_response) have been temporally removed from the Client object.
  Support to those will be added in a future release.

- Added support for the 'cm' services in v200909.

- Added support for the applicationToken header.
- Updated example code to show API unit usage information.

- Removed support for v200902.
- Added support for v200906, both in the Sandbox and Production environments.
- Modified sample code to use v200906.
- AuthToken.pm now uses URI::Escape for encoding its parameters.

- Support for updates to v200902 Sandbox WSDLs.

- Initial release of the Google::AdWords::Client AdWords API client library.
- Support is limited to the AdWords API v200902.