Revision history for Perl extension Net::QMTP.
$Id: Changes,v 1.8 2004/11/02 14:59:33 james Exp $

0.06  Tue 2 Nov 2004 14:56:33 GMT
	Fix a bug on platforms that distinguish between binary and text

0.05  Tue Jun 24 18:26:04 IST 2003
	This release of Net::QMTP has changed to move all netstring
	 handling out to the Text::Netstring module. You require version
	 0.04 or later of Text::Netstring. 

0.04  Thu Jan 30 19:56:47 GMT 2003
	Timeout constructor option renamed to ConnectTimeout.
	Better protocol compliance: invalid responses from servers
	 dealt with, preliminary support for the one hour session
	 limit. This is not yet enabled.
	IO::Socket eof and/or errors dealt with much better.
	More debugging output and POD updates.
	Fixed bug affecting message_from_file() and check that file
	 size doesn't change while file is being sent.

0.03  Wed Jan 29 16:18:39 GMT 2003
	The host() method has been renamed to server().
	ManualConnect constructor option renamed to DeferConnect.
	Inverted logic bug fixed in above.
	Constructor accepts Port option to connect to alternative port
	 on QMTP server.
	Constructor accepts Timeout option to specify timeout used by
	 our socket.
	reconnect() method will disconnect the existing socket if
	Copious amounts of debugging output added.
	Reword some POD docs and update for the above changes.

0.02  Tue Jan 28 20:24:23 GMT 2003
	Write new POD and fix some broken old POD.
	Implement some similar protocol checks as serialqmtp.
	New methods: new_message, new_envelope, disconnect, reconnect and
	 a destructor.
	send() performs a basic sanity check before attempting to send a
	new() accepts hash key arguments; ManualConnect and Debug.
	Code cleanup w.r.t precedence and die vs. croak, et al.

0.01  Mon Jan 27 11:31:59 2003
	First release.
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19