0.03	17 June 2006
	- remove colons from filenames to prevent tar from getting confused
	- chroniton.pl prints error messages after the backup, even if
	  --quiet is specified (for cron jobs)
	- extended filesystem attributes are supported if File::ExtAttr
	  is installed
	- now stores config in a hidden directory on UNIX-like OSes
	- files created by chroniton use the same time for their name
	  throughout (i.e. backup_123456 and log_123456 instead of 
	  backup_Jan_02_1970_08:30AM and log_123456.133742)

0.02    21 April 2006
	- feature complete (!)
	- manual makes sense

	- restoring implemented
	- test suite works the first time run
	- Initial release