Release 0.71
     Removed CGI::WeT::User from distribution as non-germane.
     True sub-class of CGI, so can handle both procedural and
       object-oriented interfaces.
     Added mod-perl handler to replace scripts/chooser.cgi.
     chooser.cgi is not Y2K complient - CGI::WeT::Chooser is.

Release 0.70
     Changed behavior of engine->filename
     Added ...::Modules::Documentation
     Updated email/web location - should be accurate for a while.
     Changed from the tuple versioning to a CPAN friendly versioning.
     Began transition to CGI based modules
     Navigation is better behaved when only the current level is displayed
     Bug fixes.

Release 0.6.4 (almost 0.7...)
     Changed to the Artistic License.
     Default theme can now be browser dependent.
     Theme::Loader::WeT should now reload theme code if the files have
       changed on disk (using Perl's `require').
     Added smarttext function to CGI::WeT::Engine.
     CGI::WeT::Engine outputs upon destruction.
     Added the Emacs theme.
     Added the news contribute script.
     Added a calendar contribution script.
     Beginning support for Apache::Filter
     Added CGI::WeT::Engine::internal_use_only for scripts/chooser.cgi
     Support for building of relative URLs in $engine->url
     Added function
     Initial support for parsed bodies
     Added initial support for calendars
     Many bug fixes.
Release 0.6.3 (looks more like it should be 0.7... oh, well)
     Added scripting support.
     Added Cascading Style Sheet support.
     URLs can now be built with SSL in mind.
     Numurous bug fixes.
     CGI::WeT::Engine->print replaces CGI::WeT::Engine->body_push (body_push
       will be removed in a future release).
     Added User information classes.
     Added News extensions to engine and contribute/indexing script.
     Added a sample Plain theme for use with CGI::WeT::Theme::Loader::WeT.

Release 0.6.2
     Fixed a bug in introduced in 0.6.1

Release 0.6.1
     Fixed bugs in the navigation code (could be more...)
     Do a little checking for tainted URLs when converting them to filenames
     Including sample scripts.

Release 0.6
     Initial CGI::WeT release based on WeT Perls 0.5