Revision history for Perl extension File::FcntlLock

0.22  Thu July 31 2014
	- Exports still didn't work from the XS, Pure and Inline modules,
	  hopefully fixed.

0.21  Thu July 31 2014
	- Missing @EXPORT of constants fixed with patch supplied by
	  Raphaël Hertzog <> (thank you;-)

0.20  Tue May 27 2014
    - Problem on GNU Hurd hopefully fixed and some cosmetic changes.

0.19  Tue May 27 2014
    - Builds failed on 32-bit systems due to missing CFLAGS derived
      from the Perl installation.

0.18  Mon May 26 2014
    - CPAN didn't find the version number in which
      was derived from that of

0.17  Mon May 26 2014
    - CPAN testing showed that there are 32-bit systems where the
      off_t member of the flock struct is a 64-bit integer but Perl
      doesn't support the 'q' format for pack() and unpack(). On these
      systems there seem to be no good way of assembling a flock
      structure useing "pure Perl" and thus the File::FcntlLock::Pure
       and File::FcntlLock::Inline modules won't get installed.

0.16  Sun May 25 2014
    - Missing file in 0.15,, in MANIFEST added.

0.15  Thu May 20 2014
    - Module rewritten as three modules, one working
      exactly as before, and two new ones that instead of
      being XS-based use Perl code. For the first one the
      Perl code for packing/unpacking the C flock struct is
      generated when 'perl Makefile.PL' is run. For the other
      a C program is created, compiled and run each time the
      module gets loaded. This is in response to some concerns
      the Debian dpkg package managers (who use the module) had
      for certain circumstances when new Perl versions need to
      be installed (as far as I understand;-)

0.14  Thu Oct 29 2011
    - Changed the test script to get it to pass under GNU Hurd,
      using only the rather limited fcntl() locking capabilities
      available on that system. Thanks to Julián Moreno Patiño
      for bringing the problem to my attention and helping me
      to set up a virtual GNU Hurd system for testing.

0.13  Thu Oct 11 2011
    - Spelling errors fixed in the documentation, thanks to
      Julián Moreno Patiño (Debian Package Maintainer).

0.12  Thu Oct 8 2009
    - Stupid bug in Makefile removed that assumed a certain
      layout of the flock structure - thanks to Glenn Herteg
      for spotting this.

0.11  Wed Oct 7 2009
    - Module did use only 32-bit flock structure, making it
      impossible to obtain locks on parts of files above
      4 GB. Now it also should work for large files.
    - Mistakes in documentation removed as pointed out by
      FANY and Glenn Herteg.

0.10  Wed May 14 2008
    - Removed an issue in Makefile.PL that kept the module
      from being built on some systems

0.09  Sun Aug 26 2007
    - Renamed module from Fcntl_Lock to FcntlLock to make it
      fit into the namespace newly allocated on CPAN

0.08  Sun Aug 12 2007
    - Changes in error handling within the module
    - Makefile.PL changed so that it hopefully won't fail on
      (Net|Free|Open)BSD (and perhaps Cygwin) where locks on
      STDIN and STDOUT are not supported
    - Tests changed for the same reasons

0.07  Sun Aug 5 2007
    - Module made ready for upload to CPAN
    - Changed name from Fcntl_Lock to File::Fcntl_Lock
    - Renamed some methods
    - Corrected some of the test cases
    - Updated documentation

0.06  Sun Apr 28 2002
    - Error texts changed to reflect SUSv3
    - Documentation updated

0.05  Mon Apr 22 2002
    - Error texts changed to reflect TRUE64 man page
    - Internal module errors now call die instead of setting errno to EINVAL
    - Small bug fixes

0.04  Mon Apr 22 2002
    - Added further test cases
    - Improved check on availability of fcntl(2) in Makefile.PL
    - Methods for simpler error determination
    - Update of documentation

0.03  Sat Apr 20 2002
    - Removed a bug in Makefile.PL pointed out by "Frodo Baggins"
    - Added checks in Makefile.PL for compiler and <fcntl.h>

0.02  Sat Apr 20 2002
    - Added tests in
    - Some changes in Makefile.PL thanks to Mark Jason Dominus
    - Module now recognizes file handles and descriptors correctly
    - Update of documentation

0.01  Thu Apr 18 2002
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options -A -n Fcntl_Lock