2001-04-23 18:12  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* ProcManager.pm: SIGHUP handler now issues SIGTERM to children but
	then proceeds normally. added documentation blurb about signal
	handling. we now use POSIX::sigaction() to avoid SA_RESTART during
	certain regions. added re-usable POSIX::SigAction members to toggle
	SA_RESTART. added sig_sub() -- necessary to pass name to
	POSIX::SigAction creation. 

	* README: added small blurb to consult FCGI::ProcManager

	* t/exporter.t:
	* t/procmanager.t: fixed pm_manage() test.

2001-03-13 18:12  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* ProcManager.pm: removed check for FCGI_ROLE.	now more
	transparent when undesired.

	* ProcManager.pm: detect when no FastCGI environment exists.

	* ProcManager.pm: only warn and sleep -- do not abort on fork

	* ProcManager.pm: now, we give notification to which processes we
	send a TERM signal.

2001-02-09 10:16  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* t/: exporter.t, procmanager.t: made it easier to manage
	sample_request_loop() for testing.

	* ProcManager.pm: modified some error messages.  added immediate
	notify of manager signal.

	* ProcManager.pm: added more documentation.  renamed
	pm_reap_server() to pm_wait().	fixed problem when ! MANAGER_PID
	that caused server to die immediately we now delete list of child
	PIDs from each child.  added mechanism to pm_exit() to send a
	SIGKILL to any remaining children.

2001-01-31 01:13  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* README: more documentation

	* ProcManager.pm: re-organized method layout.  separated manager
	vs. server vs. common moved more intialization into managing_init()
	and handling_init() created pm_die() to be called when manager
	should die.  cleaned up error messages and notifications.

	* t/: exporter.t, procmanager.t: revised test messages

2001-01-30 16:35  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* t/: exporter.t, procmanager.t: removed call to pm_state()

	* ProcManager.pm: removed sleep() call after testing

2001-01-30 12:49  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* ProcManager.pm: Cleaned up pm_manage().  removed signal
	registration routines.	replaced by direct %SIG access.  there is
	now a manager signal handler and a handler signal handler.  added
	checks to die when getppid() changes.

2001-01-20 02:06  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* MANIFEST: removed Changes from MANIFEST

2001-01-13 00:44  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* t/procmanager.t: corrected various recent method name changes. 
	removed calls to want_to_die().  added request loop hooks to
	pm_pre_dispatch(), pm_post_dispatch().	renamed sample_handler() to

	* ProcManager.pm: renamed request loop hooks to pm_pre_dispatch(),
	pm_post_dispatch().  when pm_manage() is called with
	n_processes==0, return through goto.  renamed pre_manage_init() to
	managing_init().  renamed post_manage_init() to handling_init(). 
	added received_signal() to remember that a signal was received. 
	signal handler simpler: now only notes signal and propagates

	* t/exporter.t: this uses non-OO calling mode.

	* MANIFEST: added t/exporter.t.

	* Changes: ChangeLog is where per-file changes are listed.

2000-12-22 05:58  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* ProcManager.pm: corrected logic error in self_or_default(). 
	changed all occurances of write_pid_file() to pm_write_pid_file(). 
	changed all occurances of remove_pid_file() to

2000-12-14 17:54  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* ProcManager.pm: corrected state() -> pm_state() method call.

2000-12-10 17:25  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* ProcManager.pm: corrected some method renaming issues.

2000-12-09 19:48  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* t/procmanager.t: effected the changes to these subroutine names.

	* ProcManager.pm: made this module OO/Exporter hybrid.	removed
	treatment of $ENV{PROCMANAGER_PROCESSES} from constructor.  changed
	several subroutine names.

2000-12-05 22:23  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* ProcManager.pm: made SIGHUP's do what SIGTERM's do

2000-11-20  James Jurach  <muaddib@erf.net>

	* Released first public version.